Grey Code’s Bliss Filled Soundscapes

Grey Code cover art

Grey Code cover art

Searing the back of our skulls with lush harmonics and fiery drums, Grey Code continues his serpentine path through music with Soosay / Opal. Two tracks that imparts this producer’s commitment to blending bliss filled soundscapes with the raw energy of intricate beat patterns that is his trademark. Released on none other than Metalheadz, it showcases both the label and artists penchant for finding the diamond in the rough.

“Opal” starts out with a repetitive clicking effect that is paired with the deep bubbling atmospherics of a synth. It creates an epic level of tension that effectively distracts you from detecting the incoming drop. Once it hits, the tune coalesces everything together and creates a surging sensation that overtakes the mind and body alike. The sudden evaporation of the melody leaves us with the chugging sub and hypnotic FX, creatively using space to further highlight the inventive interplay between each element.

Flipping the script entirely, Grey Code links with Euph to deliver the experimental weapon known as “Soosay.” With haunting pad work and the squalls of a melodic motif lingering in the background, the track builds the energy to a fever pitch with it’s relentless hat shuffle. However, none of this prepares you for the roar of the bass that blasts in from another dimension. The intensity of the rhythm coupled with the overpowering sound design give this song it’s unique bent, and make it the exact kind of tune that sets a dancefloor ablaze.

Out now via the Metalheadz website, Bandcamp, and other major outlets, cop it ASAP!!

Annix – Ignite featuring Madrush MC [Nexsus Sound]

Annix cover art

Annix cover art

Sizzling production is a defining aspect of the unit known as Annix – from wall shaking subs to crackling distortion that threaten to tear speakers apart, they are on a mission to push both their sound and bass music as a whole to the absolute limit. Primarily known for their heavyweight jump up sound, as of late they have been churning out tunes that subvert everything you knew about them. Their newest single, “Ignite featuring Madrush MC” is a deep and moody number that will leave a lasting imprint on your mind.

Opening with ethereal atmospherics and a cascading synth motif, the bass drop pulls you straight back down to earth without any hesitation. The grimey rhythm that surges forth is as heavy as they come, as the lyrical assault of the MC builds the tension to a fever pitch. A siren blast of white noise releases you back into the wilderness of space, before it all coalesces into a massive drop that warps you instantly to light speed. With a relentless hat shuffle and monstrous beat to counterpoint it, the track evokes a sense of spinning blissfully out of control. It’s a feat to behold – the sound design warps and mutates the noisy elements of their jump up sound into a heady dub flavored track that is purely mind numbing to behold.

Out now via Beatport, this is not a track to sleep on. Cop it now!

Lovely – Better Late Than Never Pt 2 [Guidance Music]

Lovely cover art

Lovely cover art

Having torched the landscape of drum and bass with his last release, Lovely is back with another batch of fierce numbers that are set to blow the doors of perception wide open. Brought forth by the seminal label Guidance Music, known for their raw and powerful brand of dnb, Better Late Than Never Pt 2 is a release that has been highly anticipated for good reason; blending the hidden gems of the past with the technical edge of the future, this producer has yet again revealed the depth of his prowess and creativity.

The surging rhythm of “Bomb feat. Flowdan” opens up the EP, wasting no time in bringing the tough as nails vibes Lovely is known for. The ominous and relentless lyricism of the MC align perfectly with the deep sub and blasts of noise, coalescing into a true force of nature. The subtle changes in the pattern create a constantly shifting atmosphere that makes it impossible to know what to expect next. Overall, it’s an intricately focused track that sets the stage for the release in all the right ways.

“Dem Na Ready” launches in next; keeping the heavy vibes going strong with the force of an overwhelming sub, wild shuffle patterns, and a chaotically addictive vocal sample, this song is the definition of a banger. The rhythmic swing of the tune directs all the attention on the heavy downbeat, with each layer swirling together to create dynamic shifts in intensity that make it fascinating to behold.

Reaching deep into the nether regions of space, Lovely brings us the menacing sounds of “Had To feat Dj Fu and Dj108.” Together, these artists have created a massive roller of epic proportions. The incessant shuffle of the hats drives the song forward faster and faster, with a crisp snare matching pace that escalates the savage energy even further. The filthy blasts of bass and recurring synth melody counterpoint seamlessly with the ethereal vocals, making for a deep tune that reaches down into the very soul to call forth hidden emotions.

Haunting atmospherics and a driving beat introduce “What Dem a Talk Bout feat Dj108.” With an oppressively heavy low end that fully envelops you, the song threatens to draw you in until disappearing completely in it’s world of vibration. While the snap of the snare and rambunctious hat shuffle launch the tune into hyperspace, the hypnotic riff puts the listener in a trance and evokes a sense of weightlessness. Colliding together, these elements drive the foreboding tension that permeates the track and closes out the release in masterful fashion.

Out now via Beatport and the Guidance Music Bandcamp, cop this heavy hitter ASAP!

Gabriel Habit – Lost A Bic/Jawbone [Voyage Music]

Gabriel Habit cover art

Gabriel Habit cover art

Catapulting direct from the underground, Gabriel Habit brings forth all the filth and earth shaking sub bass you have been craving. Lost A Bic/Jawbone are two ferocious numbers born from the gritty streets of Los Angeles, issued forth by the future minded label Voyage Music, that reveals a side to the genre previously unexplored.

“Lost A Bic” opens with the steady crack of the snare, backed by the call and response of a bass growl paired with restrained squalls of noise dancing around it. Wasting no time in laying down the toughest of vibes, the jackhammer power of the rhythm counterpoints perfectly with the layers of details packed into the sound design. This creates a bubbling tension that makes you feel like you’re bursting at the seams.

Winding up to a fever pitch from the very start, “Jawbone” is a focused yet rambunctious tune. From the filtered out drum intro that vibrates you to the core down to the hypnotic thump of the earth shattering basslines, this is a seriously heavyweight tune that pushes sound systems to their limit. Filling out the soundscape is a thick hazy atmosphere, replete with wafts of a razor sharp melodic motif that keeps you hooked on the edge of your seat.

Out now via Voyage Music’s Bandcamp, cop this now and revel in these weapons of drum and bass!

Screamarts – Is This Even Real? [Rebel Music]

Screamarts cover art

Screamarts cover art

Manipulating the ripples of the past into crashing against the tidal wave of the future, Screamarts has crafted an EP equal parts beauty and distortion, Is This Even Real. Released on none other than the force that is Rebel Music – a label notorious for its distinctive array of forward thinking artists- there’s no denying the impact this music holds as it takes you on a deep intense journey through lush melodies and the deepest of subs.

“Is this even real?” is the namesake of the EP, and immediately starts off with crisp snares paired with a bass driven melody that sets the mood of the entire release. The meandering yet purposeful crescendo of the composition carries you off into the nether regions, with pops and glitches of keyboard motifs slithering around which create a dynamic shifting landscape. The huge bass of the second drop is especially noteworthy, landing out of nowhere with unpredictable force.

Taking all of these elements and throwing them into a blender, “Yume” is a staggering rolling tune replete with haunting textures and the relentless click of a shuffle. Pulling you into its center against your will, it’s impossible to resist getting lost in the multitude of sounds here; your body sinks deep into the earth while the brain picks apart every detail along the way.

Diving into the spacious atmospheres the genre is hailed for, “Drift Away” explores the power of an introspective bassline paired with warbling FX to create an explosive signature vibe. It’s breathtaking to behold how this song simultaneously feels like standing in place while still moving at a breakneck pace; it encapsulates the arduous path drum and bass has carved out while highlighting it’s dedicated passion towards finding new landscapes.

With a staccato beat driving it’s centre, “Back in the day” employs the surging rhythm of jungle breaks, calling forth an ethereal vocal and fluctuating swirls of FX that evokes a surging sensation which feels foreign and familiar at the same time. The crackle of the distorted bass and thick chunky snare further drives home the massive power that defines the Screamarts sound; yet he also pushes the boundaries to the extreme and reveals the harmonic bliss that bubbles underneath it all.

Out now via Beatport, do not sleep on this landmark release!

Dubshun – Mind Games EP [Context Audio]

Mind Games EP cover art

Mind Games EP cover art

Masterful precision is the first word that came to mind where label Context Audio is concerned. Whether it’s the face melting belters of Dunk, the jungle explorations of Tyler Frost, the technical wizardry of Wingz, or the throbbing subs of Dan Structure, each release is on point with a clear cut drive towards releasing music from all corners of the genre. Solidifying this even further, the label links with Dubshun – a producer known for his innovative compositions and technical wizardry – to bring us the magnificent Mind Games EP.

“Try To Explain” begins with sinister blasts of synths and deep surging atmospherics, before the furious shuffle of the drums jet in. Fusing with melancholic and foreboding vocals, the song launches into the drop full force and delivers a true weapon of a bassline. A testament to the expertise this producer holds, it’s an epic number that feeds the mind as well as the soul.

A splash of a hi hat along with a heady dose of apocalyptic vibes drive the opening of “Iridescent Eyes.” Wasting no time in launching into the chunky rhythm, the gritty growl of the bassline offsets the rhythm perfectly and gives the song it’s striking energy. These elements create a tugging sensation, causing you to feel like your slowly sinking in quicksand and yet about to be launched into hyperspace at a moments notice.

Layers of foreboding squalls, glitchy FX, intense bass growls, and the subtle click of a hat build the overwhelming tension of “Mind Games.” This is a furious rolling number that pairs the toughest of vibes with a searing multitude of layers; one that shakes the earth as it delivers an addictive melodic motif. The track is a masterpiece of technical precision, creating a sprawling soundscape that surprises you at every turn.

Last but not least, the man known as Wingz steps up to the plate, with his remix of “Mind Games.” Delivering a powerhouse bass wobble that vibrates you to the very core, he tweaks the myriad layers with his singular sound design – it makes for a track that pays homage to the original while creating an almost entirely new track simultaneously. It’s an absolute sheller of a tune, exactly what can be expected with this heavyweight meeting of the minds.

Out now on the Context Audio Bandcamp, do not sleep on this one!

Nemy – Quire/Armbar [Vandal Records]

REMY cover art

NEMY cover art

Rising from the storied depths comes Nemy, a fiery producer notorious for his unique and highly creative brand of drum and bass. With releases on a wide range of distinctive labels including Context Audio, Counterpoint Recordings, RAM Records, and Delta9 Recordings, he never fails to deliver intricately crafted tunes that stretch the limits of the mind while shaking the body to its core. His latest release, Quire/Armbar, comes via Vandal Records – a label with an astonishingly diverse array of forward thinking artists – and results in a heady combination with lethal results.

“Quire” begins with deep atmospherics slowly creeping up in intensity, until the rolling rhythm charges in and grabs you with unrelenting force. Fading off momentarily, a perfectly timed vocal sample initiates the monstrous drop. This launches the song into a potent frenzy, with layers of murky bass growls and futuristic stabs of FX creating an unfathomable landscape of sound that is fearsome in it’s intensity. This is a tune you will obsess over, time and time again.

Blasting off from the very start, “Armbar” charges forward with a ferociously crafted beat. As the low end slowly rises, the song subtly increases in energy until the sub slides in with razor sharp precision. The hypnotic groove of the song overtakes the senses completely, with the high speed shuffle of the hat section melding with the scattered buzz of FX that give the song its sinister vibe. As each layer ebbs and flows, it reveals an endless depth of precisely sculpted sounds.

Out now via the Vandal Records Bandcamp page and other major outlets, cop it asap!

Klinical – Sinful EP

Klinical cover art

Klinical cover art

Overview Music continues its trailblazing quest to bring us the most forward thinking drum and bass, ripped straight from the dark side. This time, Klinical has crafted four exquisite tracks of dark dnb that will send shivers down your spine. The Sinful EP features intricately sculpted layers blended seamlessly with innovative vibes in his trademark signature style; this is a landmark EP that shakes the dancefloor as much as it sparks new pathways in the mind.

“Over” begins with an ominous atmosphere peppered with haunting splashes of FX, all of which builds in intensity until it winds you up like a tension filled top. Finally, it releases into the drop and the song launches full force – the driving rhythm dances with the otherworldly melodic motif in perfect unison, creating an intense spiraling effect that gives this track its unique sound. When the second drop hits, the sub is a gravity defying beast that is impossible to prepare for.

Chunky snares and growling bass lines form the opening of “Sinful,” before the bouncing rhythm and Klinicals inventive bassline rev the song up to a fever pitch. This track is a relentless force of nature; with constantly shifting subs, high speed shuffle patterns, and echo drenched vocal samples further drawing the listener even deeper into the cavernous soundscape. The flow of the composition itself is hypnotic, reverberating endlessly through the mind and leaving you obsessing over every detail encountered.

With melancholic harmonics and the cyclical pattern of the hat section, “In Vain” feeds off an ever increasing crescendo. As the song progresses, it slowly increases in intensity as it picks up layers along the way: absorbing the sub like a black hole, drawing in the steady snare that gives the song it’s rhythmic snap, sucking in stabs of melodic synths that burrow deep into your brain. It makes for a blissfully disorienting journey that leaves you dazzled and amazed at what you’ve experienced.

“My Number” contains an epic mystical intro of sad yet soothing pads that swirl about amorphously, leaving you weightless before the hyperspace launch of the drop. With deep and soulful vibes carrying a touch of darkness, it’s a beautiful blend that shakes your feet to action while pulling on the heart strings. Each layer ebbs and flows in perfect synchronization, stirring the deepest recesses of ourselves into bubbling forth with fiery excitement.

Out now on most major platforms, this is a must-have release for any music lover. Cop it ASAP!!

Lovell – Bag of Bones EP [Bare Necessities]

Lovell cover art

Lovell cover art

Crackling with searing precision, Lovell has crafted a signature release detailing his inimitable vision of composition. Filled to the brim with intense warpings of sound, crisp attention to detail, and ingenious manipulations of rhythm, this is a weighty release that is impossible to ignore. Bare Necessity Records, a label notorious for its premium output of creative producers, serves as the ideal home for a release of this caliber.

The title track, “Bag of Bones,” opens the release in top form: a potent intro that hypnotizes you with a seductive deep vocal line that echoes for days in your head. The drop hits like a hammer, with a grave robbing sub that stuns the mind. When the frenetic shuffle pattern rushes in, it sucks you in far deeper than anticipated. A killer tune of this magnitude hits the body as hard as the mind with its surging rhythms.

“Cool Breeze” starts out with a classic weightless intro, driven by the click of the hi-hat. A solidly deep bassline slowly creeps in, but nothing prepares you for the force of the drop. The simultaneous hit of the rolling shuffle pattern and throbbing sub is completely overwhelming; with the addictive crunch of the snare sealing the feverish vibe of the tune, it’s a tune that seeps into the very fabric of your being.

Ethereal vocals and echo drenched drums opens up “Mirrors,” a track driven by lurching rhythms and swirling layers of sound. This creates a rocking sensation that is the perfect backdrop for the tension filled crescendos that form the backbone of the song. Combined together, it creates a fiery tune that evokes racing top speed yet floating in place at the same time.

With a tense and moody atmosphere, “Right Time” carries us into the far reaches of the genre. With a haunting soulful vocal and a meandering bassline, this tune hypnotizes you with its exploratory vibes. The off beat rhythm especially invokes the mind to drift off into the netherworld, even as the heavy tone of the sub anchors the body to the ground and leaves you craving more.

Out now on Juno Downloads, this is a killer release you do not want to sleep on!

Vulgarhythm – Diverted Directive/Monobe

Vulgarhythm cover art

Vulgarhythm cover art

That moment when a sub hits deeper than what seems possible is pure bliss, creating an overflowing sense of excitement. This specific side of modern sound design is a defining feature of drum and bass, with every producer finding fresh and innovative methods of fusing past discoveries with the advances of studio technology – balancing melody with gritty textures, and forging ahead with sonic explorations that push the genre in groundbreaking new directions.

Modular Carnage are stalwarts of the deep and dark, releasing fierce tracks from the likes of Arxiva, Indukt, XOLYX, and many others. Their latest release comes from Vulgarhythm, delivering two tracks that create massively detailed worlds that take you to the furthest reaches of time and space.

Starting off with the hypnotic swirl of “Diverted Directive,” the tension builds to a fever pitch as the piercing synths, glitchy FX, and rolling drums gradually build together. Once the drop hits, you are thrown into hyperspace with waves of hat shuffles that harmonize perfectly with the hypnotic vibration of the sub. The myriad layers ebb and flow, creating a constantly shifting soundscape that seeps deep into your mind.

“Monobe” begins with bubbling FX and a frenetic light speed shuffle, backed by heavy ominous atmospheres that pulls you deep inside the drop. The sheer weight of the sub drags you to the ground like quicksand, with the fingersnap clack of the snare and click of the hats keeping you hurdling forward. The rhythmic melodic motif that wafts in expands the dynamic range to the limit, showcasing the layered power of the track.

Out now on Beatport and the Modular Carnage website, this is a killer release you need to cop now!