Screamarts – Is This Even Real? [Rebel Music]

Screamarts cover art

Screamarts cover art

Manipulating the ripples of the past into crashing against the tidal wave of the future, Screamarts has crafted an EP equal parts beauty and distortion, Is This Even Real. Released on none other than the force that is Rebel Music – a label notorious for its distinctive array of forward thinking artists- there’s no denying the impact this music holds as it takes you on a deep intense journey through lush melodies and the deepest of subs.

“Is this even real?” is the namesake of the EP, and immediately starts off with crisp snares paired with a bass driven melody that sets the mood of the entire release. The meandering yet purposeful crescendo of the composition carries you off into the nether regions, with pops and glitches of keyboard motifs slithering around which create a dynamic shifting landscape. The huge bass of the second drop is especially noteworthy, landing out of nowhere with unpredictable force.

Taking all of these elements and throwing them into a blender, “Yume” is a staggering rolling tune replete with haunting textures and the relentless click of a shuffle. Pulling you into its center against your will, it’s impossible to resist getting lost in the multitude of sounds here; your body sinks deep into the earth while the brain picks apart every detail along the way.

Diving into the spacious atmospheres the genre is hailed for, “Drift Away” explores the power of an introspective bassline paired with warbling FX to create an explosive signature vibe. It’s breathtaking to behold how this song simultaneously feels like standing in place while still moving at a breakneck pace; it encapsulates the arduous path drum and bass has carved out while highlighting it’s dedicated passion towards finding new landscapes.

With a staccato beat driving it’s centre, “Back in the day” employs the surging rhythm of jungle breaks, calling forth an ethereal vocal and fluctuating swirls of FX that evokes a surging sensation which feels foreign and familiar at the same time. The crackle of the distorted bass and thick chunky snare further drives home the massive power that defines the Screamarts sound; yet he also pushes the boundaries to the extreme and reveals the harmonic bliss that bubbles underneath it all.

Out now via Beatport, do not sleep on this landmark release!