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Spectrum LP cover art

Various Artists – Spectrum LP [Subplate Recordings]

Exploring the farthest reaches of the dark side of DnB lies the label Subplate Recordings: operated by Typecell, with a keen focus on the minimal and experimental side of DnB, it has built a formidable repertoire of artists and releases which continue to push the boundaries in every way imaginable. They just dropped a massive release entitled the Spectrum LP, a various artists … [Read More]

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Black Star Riders Rock The Grove With Saxon (2018 Looking Back)

BLACK STAR RIDERS 2018 interview, looking back... Black Star Riders are charging in to SoCal with heapings of hard rock, taking a night off from the Judas Priest … [Read More]

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Jupiter Sprites “Holographic” cover art

ALBUM REVIEW: Jupiter Sprites “Holographic”

Creating a full-length album is an arduous process for any musical act – long hours in the studio, multiple takes of particular sections, nailing that one specific … [Read More]

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Peter Hook To Play New Order And Joy Division Substance (Flashback 2016)

Flashback: PETER HOOK / JOY DIVISION / NEW ORDER 2016 interview. New Order and Joy Division bassist, Peter Hook, returns to SoCal, this time playing The Wiltern … [Read More]

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Painted Doll "How To Draw Fire" cover art

ALBUM REVIEW: Painted Doll “How To Draw Fire”

If I told you that one of the best psych-rock, power pop albums – check that, one of the best ALBUMS period you’re going to hear this year, is an unlikely … [Read More]

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Featured Video – The Dirty Knobs “Lockdown II”…

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FD "First Sound EP" cover art

FD First Sound EP

Get ready for another exquisite offering from the master beat smith known as FD. A legend in the world of drum and bass, his prowess in creating rolling beats, lush atmospherics, and thundering basslines is unmatched. Having released everywhere from The North … [Read More]

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Nick Carter: Tale From The Photo Pit (Flashback 2016)

Flashback: NICK CARTER 2016 concert coverage,,, What do you do when your editor asks if you can shoot a member of Backstreet Boys, aka Nick Carter, at one of your favorite venues? You agree and grab your camera of course! It was a typical Friday night in … [Read More]

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DEATH VALLEY GIRLS "Under The Spell Of Joy" cover art

ALBUM REVIEW: Death Valley Girls “Under The Spell Of Joy”

LA’s Death Valley Girls led by multi-instrumentalist Bonnie Bloomgarden and guitarist Larry Schemel are joined by a group of talented collaborators to release their very strong new album Under The Spell Of Joy. Death Valley Girls have always been a band … [Read More]

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REMEMBERED: Starry Nites Music And Arts Festival: DAY ONE (2017)

Remember going to outdoor festivals, perhaps camping overnight, discovering the magic of music outdoors surrounded by nature? This review of Starry Nites Music and Arts Festival took place over a weekend in 2017. Tucked away in the mountains of Santa … [Read More]