Grey Code’s Bliss Filled Soundscapes

Grey Code cover art

Grey Code cover art

Searing the back of our skulls with lush harmonics and fiery drums, Grey Code continues his serpentine path through music with Soosay / Opal. Two tracks that imparts this producer’s commitment to blending bliss filled soundscapes with the raw energy of intricate beat patterns that is his trademark. Released on none other than Metalheadz, it showcases both the label and artists penchant for finding the diamond in the rough.

“Opal” starts out with a repetitive clicking effect that is paired with the deep bubbling atmospherics of a synth. It creates an epic level of tension that effectively distracts you from detecting the incoming drop. Once it hits, the tune coalesces everything together and creates a surging sensation that overtakes the mind and body alike. The sudden evaporation of the melody leaves us with the chugging sub and hypnotic FX, creatively using space to further highlight the inventive interplay between each element.

Flipping the script entirely, Grey Code links with Euph to deliver the experimental weapon known as “Soosay.” With haunting pad work and the squalls of a melodic motif lingering in the background, the track builds the energy to a fever pitch with it’s relentless hat shuffle. However, none of this prepares you for the roar of the bass that blasts in from another dimension. The intensity of the rhythm coupled with the overpowering sound design give this song it’s unique bent, and make it the exact kind of tune that sets a dancefloor ablaze.

Out now via the Metalheadz website, Bandcamp, and other major outlets, cop it ASAP!!