ALBUM REVIEW: Patriarchy “Reverse Circumcision”

Patriarchy "Reverse Circumcision" cover art

Patriarchy “Reverse Circumcision” cover art

Patriarchy is described as the snuff metal band we deserve, and rightly so. The imagery is vibrant, dynamic, and out of this world and the music very much goes along with this. Thus, it’s a whole package which is a rarity in the music world at times and sets this group apart with ease. With a whole album of remixes of songs from the first Patriarchy album, Asking For It, on the horizon, it seems the world agrees with the statement wholeheartedly. Imitation is the highest form of flattery and plenty have lined up to do just that!

First up is “I Don’t Wanna Die” remixed by Geneva Jacuzzi. A number that recalls the dreamy sounds of the eighties, thoroughly updated to the modern world. The glistening production of the song glues all the elements together perfectly in unexpected ways. The dreamy vocals waft in and out of your head throughout the number, as the meandering bassline and monotonous beat lull you into a false sense of security.

Patriarchy; press photo

Patriarchy; press photo

“Hell was Full” drifts in next, remixed by Bon Harris of Nitzer Ebb. The ominous tones and minimal beat pattern set the vibe for the dark exploration about to be undertaken. There is a sense of unease as the song marches along, but only draws you in even further. Sprinkled throughout the song is a surprisingly infectious melodic motif that grabs you like a monster from under the bed. This is a tune that will stay with you long after its last echo trails off.

Drab Majesty brings us their remix of “Burn the Witch,” ready to fill your head with staccato beats and melodies that are as challenging as they are fulfilling. One of the standout aspects to this track is how it brings the light and dark together: the vocals are ethereal yet forlorn at the same time, the beat is quite boppy yet carries with it a rolling downhill sensation, the keyboard motifs are soothing, yet the particular notes have an offkey vibe to them. Together, it makes for an epic journey that reflect life in all its gore and glory.

“It Goes Fast,” remixed by Second Skin, chimes in as if from the sky. The ethereal atmospherics, catchy beat, and hypnotic vocal motif sear the brain with melodies from the dark side. As it echoes through your head, the tribal influenced drums consume the body in a frenzy of sound that refuses to let go.

Patriarchy; photo-Michael Deleon Romero

Patriarchy; photo-Michael Deleon Romero

Heavy comes next, as John Fryer of This Mortal Coil puts his remix of “He Took It Out” on display for everyone to enjoy. The piercing keyboard notes add just the right texture to the thump of the kick that dominates the tune. Using repetition, a constant scene of crescendo of sound builds throughout the song, with the swirling cycle of vocals causing you to lose all sense of time and being as the song pulses through you.

The siren sounds of “Sweet Piece of Meat” remixed by Xavier Swafford of 3TEETH, infect the ears right from the first note. Using the simplicity of a driving beat and wild blasts of fuzz noise, the song surges along with the power of a juggernaut intent on bending you to its own will. The rhythmic vibrations alone hook you in faster than the blink of an eye.

“Grind Your Bones,” remixed by Rhys Fulber of Frontline Assembly, enters – seemingly far away and in a totally different world. As it progresses, it creates a blur between all the different possible worlds out there. The longing of the vocals counterpoints the robotic nature of the drums and atmospheres, setting the stage for the push and pull we all feel when navigating through life.

The glitchy meanderings of Light Asylum’s remix of “I Don’t Want To Die,” will inspire you to do the dream dance as it worms it way through your heart and soul. The hip-hop inspired beat serves as a perfect vehicle to deliver the vocalizations and spoken word diatribe that ebb and flow as the song progresses. This is a track that causes you to lose complete track of time as you get more and more absorbed in the world it creates.

Further exploring the soul behind our machines is ADULT.’s remix of “Hell Was Full.” Employing a motoric style beat with heavy use of delay on the vocals and ethereal atmospheres, this is a tune that makes you fall fast and hard. The hypnotic swirl of the tremolo motif bounces inside your head relentlessly, with the beat and vocals creating a dynamic range that forces introspection about what is possible in music. It’ a heady trip you will want to embark on again and again.

Set for release January 29 on Dero Arcade, this is an exquisite release you will want to pre-order and get as soon as possible!