Lovely – Better Late Than Never Pt 2 [Guidance Music]

Lovely cover art

Lovely cover art

Having torched the landscape of drum and bass with his last release, Lovely is back with another batch of fierce numbers that are set to blow the doors of perception wide open. Brought forth by the seminal label Guidance Music, known for their raw and powerful brand of dnb, Better Late Than Never Pt 2 is a release that has been highly anticipated for good reason; blending the hidden gems of the past with the technical edge of the future, this producer has yet again revealed the depth of his prowess and creativity.

The surging rhythm of “Bomb feat. Flowdan” opens up the EP, wasting no time in bringing the tough as nails vibes Lovely is known for. The ominous and relentless lyricism of the MC align perfectly with the deep sub and blasts of noise, coalescing into a true force of nature. The subtle changes in the pattern create a constantly shifting atmosphere that makes it impossible to know what to expect next. Overall, it’s an intricately focused track that sets the stage for the release in all the right ways.

“Dem Na Ready” launches in next; keeping the heavy vibes going strong with the force of an overwhelming sub, wild shuffle patterns, and a chaotically addictive vocal sample, this song is the definition of a banger. The rhythmic swing of the tune directs all the attention on the heavy downbeat, with each layer swirling together to create dynamic shifts in intensity that make it fascinating to behold.

Reaching deep into the nether regions of space, Lovely brings us the menacing sounds of “Had To feat Dj Fu and Dj108.” Together, these artists have created a massive roller of epic proportions. The incessant shuffle of the hats drives the song forward faster and faster, with a crisp snare matching pace that escalates the savage energy even further. The filthy blasts of bass and recurring synth melody counterpoint seamlessly with the ethereal vocals, making for a deep tune that reaches down into the very soul to call forth hidden emotions.

Haunting atmospherics and a driving beat introduce “What Dem a Talk Bout feat Dj108.” With an oppressively heavy low end that fully envelops you, the song threatens to draw you in until disappearing completely in it’s world of vibration. While the snap of the snare and rambunctious hat shuffle launch the tune into hyperspace, the hypnotic riff puts the listener in a trance and evokes a sense of weightlessness. Colliding together, these elements drive the foreboding tension that permeates the track and closes out the release in masterful fashion.

Out now via Beatport and the Guidance Music Bandcamp, cop this heavy hitter ASAP!