Gabriel Habit – Lost A Bic/Jawbone [Voyage Music]

Gabriel Habit cover art

Gabriel Habit cover art

Catapulting direct from the underground, Gabriel Habit brings forth all the filth and earth shaking sub bass you have been craving. Lost A Bic/Jawbone are two ferocious numbers born from the gritty streets of Los Angeles, issued forth by the future minded label Voyage Music, that reveals a side to the genre previously unexplored.

“Lost A Bic” opens with the steady crack of the snare, backed by the call and response of a bass growl paired with restrained squalls of noise dancing around it. Wasting no time in laying down the toughest of vibes, the jackhammer power of the rhythm counterpoints perfectly with the layers of details packed into the sound design. This creates a bubbling tension that makes you feel like you’re bursting at the seams.

Winding up to a fever pitch from the very start, “Jawbone” is a focused yet rambunctious tune. From the filtered out drum intro that vibrates you to the core down to the hypnotic thump of the earth shattering basslines, this is a seriously heavyweight tune that pushes sound systems to their limit. Filling out the soundscape is a thick hazy atmosphere, replete with wafts of a razor sharp melodic motif that keeps you hooked on the edge of your seat.

Out now via Voyage Music’s Bandcamp, cop this now and revel in these weapons of drum and bass!