Lovell – Bag of Bones EP [Bare Necessities]

Lovell cover art

Lovell cover art

Crackling with searing precision, Lovell has crafted a signature release detailing his inimitable vision of composition. Filled to the brim with intense warpings of sound, crisp attention to detail, and ingenious manipulations of rhythm, this is a weighty release that is impossible to ignore. Bare Necessity Records, a label notorious for its premium output of creative producers, serves as the ideal home for a release of this caliber.

The title track, “Bag of Bones,” opens the release in top form: a potent intro that hypnotizes you with a seductive deep vocal line that echoes for days in your head. The drop hits like a hammer, with a grave robbing sub that stuns the mind. When the frenetic shuffle pattern rushes in, it sucks you in far deeper than anticipated. A killer tune of this magnitude hits the body as hard as the mind with its surging rhythms.

“Cool Breeze” starts out with a classic weightless intro, driven by the click of the hi-hat. A solidly deep bassline slowly creeps in, but nothing prepares you for the force of the drop. The simultaneous hit of the rolling shuffle pattern and throbbing sub is completely overwhelming; with the addictive crunch of the snare sealing the feverish vibe of the tune, it’s a tune that seeps into the very fabric of your being.

Ethereal vocals and echo drenched drums opens up “Mirrors,” a track driven by lurching rhythms and swirling layers of sound. This creates a rocking sensation that is the perfect backdrop for the tension filled crescendos that form the backbone of the song. Combined together, it creates a fiery tune that evokes racing top speed yet floating in place at the same time.

With a tense and moody atmosphere, “Right Time” carries us into the far reaches of the genre. With a haunting soulful vocal and a meandering bassline, this tune hypnotizes you with its exploratory vibes. The off beat rhythm especially invokes the mind to drift off into the netherworld, even as the heavy tone of the sub anchors the body to the ground and leaves you craving more.

Out now on Juno Downloads, this is a killer release you do not want to sleep on!