Dubshun – Mind Games EP [Context Audio]

Mind Games EP cover art

Mind Games EP cover art

Masterful precision is the first word that came to mind where label Context Audio is concerned. Whether it’s the face melting belters of Dunk, the jungle explorations of Tyler Frost, the technical wizardry of Wingz, or the throbbing subs of Dan Structure, each release is on point with a clear cut drive towards releasing music from all corners of the genre. Solidifying this even further, the label links with Dubshun – a producer known for his innovative compositions and technical wizardry – to bring us the magnificent Mind Games EP.

“Try To Explain” begins with sinister blasts of synths and deep surging atmospherics, before the furious shuffle of the drums jet in. Fusing with melancholic and foreboding vocals, the song launches into the drop full force and delivers a true weapon of a bassline. A testament to the expertise this producer holds, it’s an epic number that feeds the mind as well as the soul.

A splash of a hi hat along with a heady dose of apocalyptic vibes drive the opening of “Iridescent Eyes.” Wasting no time in launching into the chunky rhythm, the gritty growl of the bassline offsets the rhythm perfectly and gives the song it’s striking energy. These elements create a tugging sensation, causing you to feel like your slowly sinking in quicksand and yet about to be launched into hyperspace at a moments notice.

Layers of foreboding squalls, glitchy FX, intense bass growls, and the subtle click of a hat build the overwhelming tension of “Mind Games.” This is a furious rolling number that pairs the toughest of vibes with a searing multitude of layers; one that shakes the earth as it delivers an addictive melodic motif. The track is a masterpiece of technical precision, creating a sprawling soundscape that surprises you at every turn.

Last but not least, the man known as Wingz steps up to the plate, with his remix of “Mind Games.” Delivering a powerhouse bass wobble that vibrates you to the very core, he tweaks the myriad layers with his singular sound design – it makes for a track that pays homage to the original while creating an almost entirely new track simultaneously. It’s an absolute sheller of a tune, exactly what can be expected with this heavyweight meeting of the minds.

Out now on the Context Audio Bandcamp, do not sleep on this one!