Vulgarhythm – Diverted Directive/Monobe

Vulgarhythm cover art

Vulgarhythm cover art

That moment when a sub hits deeper than what seems possible is pure bliss, creating an overflowing sense of excitement. This specific side of modern sound design is a defining feature of drum and bass, with every producer finding fresh and innovative methods of fusing past discoveries with the advances of studio technology – balancing melody with gritty textures, and forging ahead with sonic explorations that push the genre in groundbreaking new directions.

Modular Carnage are stalwarts of the deep and dark, releasing fierce tracks from the likes of Arxiva, Indukt, XOLYX, and many others. Their latest release comes from Vulgarhythm, delivering two tracks that create massively detailed worlds that take you to the furthest reaches of time and space.

Starting off with the hypnotic swirl of “Diverted Directive,” the tension builds to a fever pitch as the piercing synths, glitchy FX, and rolling drums gradually build together. Once the drop hits, you are thrown into hyperspace with waves of hat shuffles that harmonize perfectly with the hypnotic vibration of the sub. The myriad layers ebb and flow, creating a constantly shifting soundscape that seeps deep into your mind.

“Monobe” begins with bubbling FX and a frenetic light speed shuffle, backed by heavy ominous atmospheres that pulls you deep inside the drop. The sheer weight of the sub drags you to the ground like quicksand, with the fingersnap clack of the snare and click of the hats keeping you hurdling forward. The rhythmic melodic motif that wafts in expands the dynamic range to the limit, showcasing the layered power of the track.

Out now on Beatport and the Modular Carnage website, this is a killer release you need to cop now!