Local Siblings Share Their Rockabilly Twist


(L-R) Dylan and Celena Marie DelPizzo-Howell make up the local band, Moonshine

Local brother and sister duo MoonShine will be performing throughout Orange County this upcoming summer in order to promote their original music featuring a Rockabilly, vintage style blues and jazz.

Their upcoming shows include the Stillwater in Dana Point (June 22), The Cellar in San Clemente (June 27, July 25, and Aug. 22) and The Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach (July 12 and Aug 1).

MoonShine is made up of Celena Marie DelPizzo-Howell (Vocalist) and Dylan DelPizzo-Howell (Guitarist/Percussionist). The OC Concert Guide spoke to the siblings about their music, performing in Orange County and their musical influences.

OCCG: You guys are a brother/sister duo. When and how did MoonShine start?
MS: We have been playing together for 6 years and decided to form our band “MoonShine” about a year ago when we started writing our own music and wanted to play shows to share our Blues/Rockabilly style with the people in our community.

OCCG: How would you guys personally describe your style of music? How as artists are you different than other artists in your same genre?
MS: What sets us apart is, our music brings back the vintage styles of Blues and Jazz, but with a Rockabilly twist. The way we combine all these great sounds creates a style that is nostalgic but still current and modern. Our music has great energy, fun to dance to, and very diverse. The old “swingin” jazz tunes we play also make us different from other artists in our same genre. We are a duo for our more intimate gigs, but perform as a four-piece band for larger venues with our Standup Bass player, Elliot Glass from Laguna Beach, and our Drummer, Nick Crays from Los Angeles.

OCCG: Where do your inspirations come from when making music? Who are your musical influences?
MS: We have a wide range of influences that constantly inspire us to create new music, from musicians we look up to, to something as simple as a walk on the beach. We get our bluesy influences from artists like: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaun, BB King, and Johnny Cash. Our more contrasting diverse influences include the Stray Cats, Devil Makes Three, Feet Foxes and even Led Zeppelin. Also artists like Crosby Stills Nash, America and Creedence Clearwater, who are front runners when it comes to harmonies, have inspired us when writing progressions and melodies for our songs.

OCCG: Have you guys played many shows in Orange County? If so, what is your favorite part about performing and sharing your music?
MS: We both were born and raised in Laguna Beach and perform music all throughout Orange County and have played multiple shows throughout Orange County including The House of Blues Anaheim, StillWater Dana Point, Blue Water Music Festival and hold regular gigs at The White House Laguna Beach, and The Cellar San Clemente. We love the recognition that artists receive in Orange County. Live music is so welcomed and supported here and there’s a huge Rock/Blues scene throughout OC. Our favorite parts about performing are feeling in our element while on stage, making people happy, and showcasing our original music to people.

OCCG: As upcoming artists, what are your guy’s biggest struggles and how do you overcome them? What are your biggest highs?
MS: The biggest struggles we face as artists are “getting out there” and having our music heard. Finding great venues to play at and making connections with people in the music industry can be tough at times, but the best way to overcome these obstacles is to be fearless by continuing to push forward and write good music. Our biggest highs are being on stage and performing our original music for people who have never heard us before. In a live setting, we love it when people, who wouldn’t normally listen to our genre, dance, have a great time, and enjoy our style of music.

OCCG: What are your plans for the future? Any new tracks, albums, tours?
MS: Our future plans include expanding our gigs outside Orange County to LA and San Diego and doing a Southern California Tour. We currently have a duo album out and are now recording a second album with our standup bass player and drummer, which will feature tracks from our previous record as well as new tracks. We soon seen ourselves living and persuing our music careers in Los Angeles.

Check out MoonShine at MoonShineTunes.com, www.facebook.com/moonshinetunes and wwww.moonshinetunes.bandcamp.com.