Tribal Seeds Opening Up “Kickin’ Up Dust Summer Tour”

Tribal Seeds

Tribal Seeds at Verizon Amphitheater July 12

Chart-topping reggae group the Tribal Seeds will be performing at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine on July 12.

The show is part of the “Kickin’ Up Dust Tour” where the Tribal Seeds will open up for headliners Slightly Stoopid and Atmosphere.

“We have performed in Orange County several times. OC has always given us a lot of love,” the Tribal Seeds say. “The Southern Cali crowd rages. We just look forward to being on that stage in front of thousands jamming roots, rock, reggae music.”

Based in San Diego, the Tribal Seeds’ music comes from an influence of Roots Reggae with a unique energetic feel and is known among the reggae genre. Both their 2008 self titled debut album, “Tribal Seeds” and their 2009 album, “The Harvest,” was named “Best Of” in the iTunes Reggae genre and their new EP, “Soundwaves,” peaked at number two on the Billboard Reggae Charts.

The group was originally started by brothers Steven Rene Jacobo (Lead vocals) and Tony-Ray Jacobo (Keyboard), but has expanded to six members: Tony Navarro (Lead guitar), Carlos Verdugo (drums), Jose Rodriguez (Keys, percussion), and Victor Navarro (bass).

“Our influences come from the Roots Reggae musicians that started this genre and the spiritual positive messages they promoted as well. We make music that we love and promote a positive message,” the Tribal Seeds say. “Each member brings their musical background and influence to our sound.”

The Tribal Seeds have toured with various artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Wailers, and Jane’s Addiction, but say that they look forward to their summer tour with Slightly Stoopid and Atmosphere where fans can expect to hear hard hitting roots reggae music and a big sound with all six members giving off lots of energy.

“We work hard at what we do and we feel it pays off. We stay true to the reggae sound and have thought provoking lyrics that intrigue listeners,” the Tribal Seeds say. “We appreciate all the love and support from our fans. We’ll continue to work hard for all of you.”

The Tribal Seeds are currently working on a new album this year and will continue to tour in hopes to expand their tour worldwide.

Tickets to the “Kickin’ Up Dust Summer Tour” can be found at the Live Nation website. Show starts at 7 p.m.

Miami Horror Illuminates The Observatory With Their Psychedelic Creations

Miami Horror

Miami Horror fills the Observatory June 20

Electro-pop group Miami Horror will be performing live at the Observatory in Santa Ana on Thursday, June 20.

Featuring a disco-house style of electronic music with psychedelic visions, this show will kick off their live return to the United States. Fans can expect a fun filled dance party with band member Josh Moriarty rocking out on the guitar.

“We love California. I can’t quite put a finger on it, but the crowd is definitely different,” Miami Horror says about performing, specifically in Orange County. “They like to party.”

Miami Horror, now based in Los Angeles, but formerly from Melbourne, Australia is comprised of producer and DJ Benjamin Plant, Vocalist and Guitarist Josh Moriarty, Drummer Aaron Shanahan and Keyboardist Daniel Whitechurch.

The group says their influences include film, photography, music and basically everything. Recently 70s music has been their greatest influence.

“It’s hard to know these things from inside, but I guess you could say we attempt to make it (our music) different by keeping things colorful and visual, lyrically and with sounds,” Miami Horror says. “There’s lots of variety between tracks also.”

According to the group, the name Miami Horror represents the two different styles of Miami Horror’s music; the two words each having a strong visual side.

“It represents the two sides we like to explore in our music,” the group says. “The upbeat summer side and the darker epic side.”

Their debut album “Illumination” was released in 2010 and they are currently working on their second album.

“We’re halfway through the next album and it’s going well. We plan to have it out later in the year and will tour after that,” Miami Horror says.

Miami Horror will go on at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10 and the show is open to all ages.

Local Indie Group Rocks The Observatory Throughout June

The Steelwells Band

The Steelwells take June’s residency spot at The Observatory

Indie rock group the Steelwells will be performing multiple free shows at The Observatory this month.

It’s going to be a busy month for the Steelwells as they will be playing three more shows in the Constellation Room located inside the Observatory (June 11, 18 and 24), as well as four shows in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Based out of Fullerton, the Steelwells are excited to come home and perform their music in their home county.

“Orange County is home for us so there is a certain amount of anxiety involved. We know people have come to see us since we first started and will have a pre-conceived idea of who we are despite our own evolution musically,” lead singer and guitarist Joey Winter says. “We just hope everyone digs the new music we made as much as we do.”

Their latest EP, “Cool Kids” features a more keys/rhythm heavy style. Between records they acquired their new drummer Jonathan Bradley, who brought a whole new dynamic to the group.

The Steelwells have a busy summer ahead of them as they tour and focus on putting out a new EP.

“Right now we are really just focused on getting our new music out. We recorded enough songs for an EP with producer Jacquire King (King of Leon, Tom Waits, Modest Mouse, etc.),” Winter says.

Fans can expect to hear some of their new songs this month at their live shows.

“It’s all pretty magical,” Winter says. “Honestly playing live has always been an important part of this band. The feedback we get from the crowd while we play is like having conversation about the song. We put everything we have into it.”

The Steelwells shows in the Constellation Room at the Observatory are free for all ages.

Check out their full show lineup at

Local Siblings Share Their Rockabilly Twist


(L-R) Dylan and Celena Marie DelPizzo-Howell make up the local band, Moonshine

Local brother and sister duo MoonShine will be performing throughout Orange County this upcoming summer in order to promote their original music featuring a Rockabilly, vintage style blues and jazz.

Their upcoming shows include the Stillwater in Dana Point (June 22), The Cellar in San Clemente (June 27, July 25, and Aug. 22) and The Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach (July 12 and Aug 1).

MoonShine is made up of Celena Marie DelPizzo-Howell (Vocalist) and Dylan DelPizzo-Howell (Guitarist/Percussionist). The OC Concert Guide spoke to the siblings about their music, performing in Orange County and their musical influences.

OCCG: You guys are a brother/sister duo. When and how did MoonShine start?
MS: We have been playing together for 6 years and decided to form our band “MoonShine” about a year ago when we started writing our own music and wanted to play shows to share our Blues/Rockabilly style with the people in our community.

OCCG: How would you guys personally describe your style of music? How as artists are you different than other artists in your same genre?
MS: What sets us apart is, our music brings back the vintage styles of Blues and Jazz, but with a Rockabilly twist. The way we combine all these great sounds creates a style that is nostalgic but still current and modern. Our music has great energy, fun to dance to, and very diverse. The old “swingin” jazz tunes we play also make us different from other artists in our same genre. We are a duo for our more intimate gigs, but perform as a four-piece band for larger venues with our Standup Bass player, Elliot Glass from Laguna Beach, and our Drummer, Nick Crays from Los Angeles.

OCCG: Where do your inspirations come from when making music? Who are your musical influences?
MS: We have a wide range of influences that constantly inspire us to create new music, from musicians we look up to, to something as simple as a walk on the beach. We get our bluesy influences from artists like: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaun, BB King, and Johnny Cash. Our more contrasting diverse influences include the Stray Cats, Devil Makes Three, Feet Foxes and even Led Zeppelin. Also artists like Crosby Stills Nash, America and Creedence Clearwater, who are front runners when it comes to harmonies, have inspired us when writing progressions and melodies for our songs.

OCCG: Have you guys played many shows in Orange County? If so, what is your favorite part about performing and sharing your music?
MS: We both were born and raised in Laguna Beach and perform music all throughout Orange County and have played multiple shows throughout Orange County including The House of Blues Anaheim, StillWater Dana Point, Blue Water Music Festival and hold regular gigs at The White House Laguna Beach, and The Cellar San Clemente. We love the recognition that artists receive in Orange County. Live music is so welcomed and supported here and there’s a huge Rock/Blues scene throughout OC. Our favorite parts about performing are feeling in our element while on stage, making people happy, and showcasing our original music to people.

OCCG: As upcoming artists, what are your guy’s biggest struggles and how do you overcome them? What are your biggest highs?
MS: The biggest struggles we face as artists are “getting out there” and having our music heard. Finding great venues to play at and making connections with people in the music industry can be tough at times, but the best way to overcome these obstacles is to be fearless by continuing to push forward and write good music. Our biggest highs are being on stage and performing our original music for people who have never heard us before. In a live setting, we love it when people, who wouldn’t normally listen to our genre, dance, have a great time, and enjoy our style of music.

OCCG: What are your plans for the future? Any new tracks, albums, tours?
MS: Our future plans include expanding our gigs outside Orange County to LA and San Diego and doing a Southern California Tour. We currently have a duo album out and are now recording a second album with our standup bass player and drummer, which will feature tracks from our previous record as well as new tracks. We soon seen ourselves living and persuing our music careers in Los Angeles.

Check out MoonShine at, and

New Zealand Reggae Group Katchafire Ends Spring 2013 Tour In OC

Reggae band Katchafire will be performing at the House of Blues in Anaheim Saturday, May 25.

Katchafire Reggae

Katchafire at House of Blues May 25

The group is ending their 30-city Spring 2013 tour with four shows in California, accompanying their greatest hits album “Best So Far,” which came out digitally last month and will be in stores on May 21.

Katchafire first started off as a Bob Marley tribute band, but decided to pursue their own music later on.

“We played a lot of bars and night clubs in our hometown and saw right away that there was a huge hole in the market for reggae music,” Logan Bell, the front man and rhythm guitar, brother of drummer Jordan Bell and son of founder and lead guitarist Grenville Bell, says. “We were always making our own music, studying the greats only gave us more confidence.”

The group is based in Hamilton, New Zealand, but has played shows in Orange County before.

“We have a lot of musician friends from the area. The crowds are different here, they want to be wowed here more so you have to bring your ‘A’ game,” Bell says.

Their music style comes from Aotearoa roots, a strain of reggae from the South Pacific.

“We influence the rhythms with sweet melodies which comes from our cultures love of harmony,” says Bell. “Lyrically it comes from whatever is on the conscience at the time of writing or whatever the mood or vibe of the tune is and it’s totally original.”

According to Bell, the groups influences come from male harmony groups such as Little River Band, the Bee Gees, the Wailers, the Eagles, Aswad and the list goes on.

Their biggest struggle comes from leaving their families behind, but the gratification comes from playing shows.

“Family is very important to us and our culture and being away from them is hard. Show time is the high,” says Bell. “My favorite part is interacting with the crowd, seeing their passion and watching them sing the songs back. It’s one of the most fulfilling things as an artist.”

Katchafire tours the world every two years and produces an album every two years. They are currently working on their fifth studio album, which they hope to release by the end of the year.

“People want to listen to reggae and drink and that was the formula at the start. We just want to play reggae.”

Island reggae group Maoli will be opening the stage for Katchafire. General Admission tickets are $25 advanced and $27.50 the day of the show. Doors open at 8 p.m. Show starts at 9 p.m. and is open to all ages.

The Observatory OC Will Get Kisses This May

Kisses Band

Kisses will perform May 17 in the Constellation Room

Pop project Kisses will be performing live at Orange County’s Observatory Friday, May 17.

During their spring and summer tour, Los Angeles-based Kisses will be promoting their new LP, “Kids in LA,” due out May 14. The duo features vocalist/multiinstrumentalist, Jesse Kivel, and keyboardist, Zinzi Edmundson.

“Kids In LA” was recorded over a year and a half and produced by Saint Etienne’s Pete Wiggs and Tim Laracombe. Lyrically, the album’s theme has not departed from the playful and frothy frivolity of the first record.

“Kids in LA” consists of a loose narrative, which follows teenage friends and classmates in Bel Air, exploring the overblown emotions and distinct chiasmic boredom of privileged high schoolers. Their lavish parties and a general disregard for others ultimately leave our cast of misanthropes in a wash of insular social interactions and hazy banality.

“Kids in LA” deviates slightly from their first full-length album, “The Heart of the Nightlife,” featuring booming drum machines with a late 80s style rhythm.

“Paired with lightly-effected guitars and warm analog keyboards, the mood is distinct: cold and anxious, yet rich, inviting, and melodic,” said Gloria Lee at Force Field PR.

The show will take place in the Constellation Room of the Observatory. Tickets are $10 and open to all ages. Doors open at 8 p.m.

For more information on Kisses and their upcoming tour dates visit

Marina and the Diamonds Headlines Lonely Hearts Club Tour

Marina & The Diamonds

Marina & The Diamonds play the Observatory May 7

Marina and the Diamonds will take the stage at Orange County’s The Observatory for her Lonely Hearts Club Tour, Tuesday, May 7 at 8 p.m.

The U.S. tour is Marina and the Diamonds’ second headlining tour and will feature the singer-songwriter as she performs songs from her new CD, “Electra Heart.”

One can expect to hear a series of songs in the glam pop genre consisting of fun, catchy beats, as well as deeper ballads, with lyrics portraying to living life as a young independent women.

“I think she is talented in singing, tries unique styles… and has fun with the music she creates,” says Orange County local Jennifer Santos, 20. “She is open to experiment with different styles and actually brings things to the table.”

Special guest Charli XCX will be performing before Marina and the Diamonds. Doors to the Observatory open at 7 p.m. and the show is open to all ages.

For more information on tickets to the show go to For more information on the band, Marina and the Diamonds, check out their official Website at

Brazilian Girl Power Brings Dance Hits To The Observatory

CSS group

CSS grooves the Observatory June 14
Photo by Mariana Juliano

Brazilian dance-rock girl group CSS will be performing live at the Observatory on Friday, June 14.

The group is especially known for their single “Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex,” which was used in an Apple iPod commercial. The song made it the highest-charting single by a Brazillian band in Billboard history.

The girls of CSS are currently on their Summer Tour of North America that features MS MR and IO Echo. OC Concert Guide spoke to CSS about their upcoming tour, their music and their influences that have brought them to where they are now.

OCCG: CSS is based in Brazil. What are you looking forward to when playing in Orange County? If you have played in the OC before, how is it different than the other places you have toured?
CSS: Some of us actually live in the west coast, and the west coast is absolutely our favorite place to tour in America. In California there is a warmth in the people that is similar to what we experience in Brazil, so we basically feel at home. We played the Observatory once and it was amazing.

OCCG: How would you guys personally describe your music? How is it different than other artists in your genre?
CSS: We don’t have a particular style. We like to mix everything we like to listen to. Rock, reggae, pop… I think a lot of bands have this kind of approach, but I think what makes us a bit different is that everything goes through our Brazilian filter.

OCCG: What can fans expect when attending a CSS live show? What does your set list consist of?
CSS: It will be the first show of the new tour of the new album, so it’s very exciting! We want to play a lot of songs from the new record, but obviously we will play all the old singles. Or almost all of them! Our goal is to make the crowd have a great time, and that’s how we construct the set list.

CSS Planta

CSS’s latest album cover

OCCG: What are the bands biggest influences in music? Where do your influences come from lyrically?
CSS: Our friendship, our sense of humor and our experiences are the most important thing when it comes to writing lyrics or music. We all grew up listening to alternative music – Sonic Youth, Pixies, Breeders, L7 etc. Once we grew up we started to open our horizons to pop music. We love Beyoncé, Destiny’s Child and also love older pop music. We’ve been listening to a lot of reggae too.

OCCG: How has your music changed since CSS started as a group?
CSS: I think we became a lot more familiar with making music and playing instruments. Also the interaction and synergy between us grew a lot, so I think as a result, writing songs and playing together has become very natural and organic, which makes our record very chilled.

OCCG: Are you guys collaborating with any artists or producers?
CSS: Dave Sitek from TV on the Radio produced this record and became a very close friend. We feel very lucky to be able to record with him, because he is just one of the best producers out there. Hanna Billie from the Gossip played drums in Dynamite, which was also a sort of dream come true. Tim Armstrong from Rancid also wrote Hangover with us. It was very productive to make this album on that aspect.

OCCG: What are the bands biggest struggles and biggest highs?
CSS: We have the band for almost 10 years, which makes it so much easier. You learn how to deal with struggles. We’ve been through it all. All the cliché band stories you can think of, and the best thing is that it always makes us more united. Our biggest high is our friendship that has become the best thing in our personal lives and also professionally. It’s the best thing to be able to travel the world and work with your best friends.

OCCG: What are CSS’ plans for 2013?
CSS: Our record comes out June 11 and we are very happy with it!
We start a US tour on the 14th of June with the OC show and will go to all US major cities.

For more of their North American tour check out CSS’ tour dates at

UK pop singer takes her tour to Orange County

Kate Nash @ Constellation Room May 9

Kate Nash rocks the OC May 9

Singer and songwriter, Kate Nash, will be rocking out at the Observatory in Santa Ana, Thursday, May 9. The OC Concert Guide spoke with Nash about performing on tour, her album “Girl Talk” and her inspirations for her music.

OCCG: You just came from touring the UK and the east coast, what are you looking forward to when touring the west coast?
KN: I cannot wait!! I have so many friends over here and I can’t wait to see them. The people are so sweet and friendly and positive, there’s nothin like good Cali vibes and the food is delicious… the scenery, a beautiful part of America.

OCCG: Have you played in Orange County before?
KN: it’s been a couple of years since I’ve toured in America, which is why I am so excited to be back here.

OCCG: What are you looking forward to when playing in front of an Orange County audience?
KN: I like when crowds aren’t shy and they seem pretty free over here.

OCCG: How would you personally describe your music?
KN: emotional puke, raw, fun, sarcastic, honesty

OCCG: How is it different from other artists in the same genre?
KN: I like to tell the truth even when it’s ugly. And I don’t change my sound dependent on what is being played on the radio. I don’t sell sex.

OCCG: What was your influence for the album “Girl Talk”? What story are you trying to tell with the songs?
KN: I want people to feel strong when they listen to it, to be able to relate to going through a tough time and to feel joy through painful memories and happy that you made the right choice for you. I wanna tell stories and empower people. This is the most honest record I’ve made.

OCCG: How is it different from your previous albums?
KN: I wrote it on bass, I needed to feel loud and strong and powerful and the bass is heavy and like an instrument so it makes you feel like that straight away. It’s pretty angsty and you know year’s worth of experience on tour and in and out of studios has changed the way I approach making music.

OCCG: What can we look forward to when watching your live shows? What is the vibe you bring on stage?
KN: I want the audience to have as much fun as possible so I try to lose myself in it and not care about looking stupid, I just wanna have a good time and make other people have a good time. We’ve been getting a lot of stage invasions recently, in underestimate the girl, it drives the girls wild and they run up on stage like they’ve done something mischievous, one girl got up and started doing aerobics it was amazing! I encourage people to get involved and do stuff like that.

OCCG: What are your plans for the future? Any new CDs, shows, collaborations? Etc.
KN: I am going to tour for a while now, a couple of movies I was in are coming out this year, and I just want to travel and work hard on touring the record.

OCCG: Any further comments or anything you want to add?
KN: I like to encourage girls a lot because there are less female composers and musicians than male, so I make a point of saying to any girls out there that feel inspired to write songs but are scared of something, don’t be scared! Just do it and once you have a taste for it you’ll be so excited about how good it felt you won’t be focused on fear anymore. I worked in schools with girls who were initially scared to get up in front of their class and we ended up doing a show together in an 800 capacity room in London. They were so confident and proud and performed their own songs and it was awesome, to see them battle those confidence issues and do something on their own was the coolest feeling ever, for them and for me. Don’t be scared of what people think of you, there’ll always be people that dislike you, you’ll never please everyone so you might as well please yourself.

Thicker Than Thieves vibes to their beat of Southern California reggae

Thicker Than Thieves

Thicker Than Thieves play Stillwater Dana Point April 26
Photo courtesy of TTT management

As they reach out to the many different walks of life they encounter while on the road touring, San Diego based band, Thicker Than Thieves, has a story to tell through their rock-reggae, soulful music.

“There’s a lot of California reggae out there, but we try to put out messages about the struggles that everybody goes through day to day,” says Thicker Than Thieves lead singer Jamin Hazelaar. “Reggae touches everybody in a unique way. It opens the heart up so we see the world differently.”

Stops on their tour include Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, Georgia, Nebraska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and ends back in California where they will play two shows in Orange County.

“I think people that really recognize the band are from Southern California so we’re trying to make Orange County a big part of what we do in California,” Hazelaar said.

The band finds the diversity of the people living in Orange County appealing, as well as the many music venues it has to offer, making Orange County a great place to share their music.

“There’s so many awesome venues in Orange County,” Hazelaar said. “It’s hard not to continue to reach out there especially with a lot of great places to play.”

Thicker Than Thieves is made up of six members including Hazelaar on vocals, guitar players Mauricio Mora and Taen Peid, bassist Clay McCallum, keyboardist Bucky Springmeier, and Victor Rojas on drums.

Their music consists of a solid reggae and rock foundation. Hazelaar says they’ll change it up a little bit and play some punk rock as well, as the two genres may sometimes intertwine.

“In fact, when I was a kid, you would go to a punk rock show and they didn’t know where to put the reggae artists so they put them with punk rock bands,” Hazelaar explains defining how their type of genre came to be.

The bands set list will consist of songs from their new EP, “Storm Will Pass”, and their 2007 album “Thru Thick and Thin.”

The band commends their ability to keep fans coming back to their shows bringing a good vibe on stage. Hazelaar says live performances are action packed, fun, and a place where you get to sing along and dance to their songs.

“We keep a real driving force behind our live shows,” says Hazelaar. “We try to make our live shows better than our records.”

After this spring tour, the band has a few more national shows lined up throughout the year and hopes to put out a full record album. Though the release date is not yet set, they’re hoping it will be out by October 2013.

Thicker Than Thieves encourages everyone to come out to the show and experience something new.

“Open your hearts to something different and enjoy. We’re here to give you the best show we possibly can,” says Hazelaar.

For more information on the band, Thicker Than Thieves, and the final stops on their tour check out their official website at