Felov – Runaway EP [Transparent Audio]

Felov cover art

Felov cover art

Materializing seemingly out of thin air, Felov is a rising talent who has been bubbling underneath the surface for a couple of years now. Teasing tracks here and there, he has finally delivered a stellar EP of four fresh tracks straight from the dark side via Transparent Audio. A label revered for pushing the genre to unexplored territories, the Runaway EP firmly showcases why Felov is one to watch.

With a deep haunting atmosphere and enigmatic wisping vocals, “Runaway” quickly sets out to establish the vibe of the release. Using a thick chunky rhythm and a gravity warping bassline, the song charges ahead with the consistent force of a freight train. The hypnotic inflections of the bass growls flow intricately within each element, further solidifying the overwhelming intensity that characterizes this producer’s sound.

“Stimulus” employs the persistent click of a hat, creating a fixed point for the mind to dwell on as the driving force of the kick and snare drift into the track. This is a driving minimalistic track, subtly worming its way to the center of your brain. The ethereal vocals that waft in the stratosphere of this track only adds to the feeling of being whisked away on a ghost ship.

Linking with the man known as Framer, “Sinner” is a foreboding tune that wastes no time in turning you to the dark side. An intricate shuffle pattern dominates the song, precisely designed to get lost in; it counterpoints with the hypnotic vocals effortlessly, and reveals the infinite depths of sound that lay at it’s very core.

The infectious groove of “Tell Me” closes out the release; an intense collab with Sudley, it seduces the listener with a blissful vocal before delivering the menacing growls of distortion that characterize the track. It’s that choppy shifting effect which makes this one for the dancefloor, as the rhythm will instantly put anyone in a feverish trance.

Out now on Beatport, this is not one to sleep on. Cop it now!