XOLYX – Ripples EP


Xolyx cover art

Swirling soundscapes fused with intricate shuffle patterns form the backbone of drum and bass, giving rise to ingenious combinations from producers across the world. From the menacing blasts of noise that define the dark side of the genre to the blissful chatter of the hat section which drive the soulful side, there is a never-ending search for new and exciting blends. Mob Recordings is a label pursuing this with fervent passion, featuring some of the most innovative talent around such as Wingz, Dis:turbed, Hickupz, Medusa, Dubruvvas, and many more. Their latest comes from the fascinating new talent known as Xolyx, the Ripples Ep.

Starting out with beautifully textured atmospherics, a constant warping FX motif, and a crisp drum section, “Ripples” instantly induces a trance. The drop slides effortlessly into the song, further developing the soothing sensation that defines it. Using sporadic growls of noise, it blends the dark and light, pushing the genre into an exciting new direction.

“Abyss” explores the deepest reaches of the sub-bass frequency, using an infectious shuffle pattern to counterpoint that vibrational force. The composition of the tune is mind-boggling, creating subtle dynamic shifts that take you on an intense journey of sound. With limitless textures to pour over, this is a track that will surprise you every time it comes through the speakers.

The savage blast of a snare drum launches the fury of “Happen.” The rhythm combined with a repetitive vocal sample wind up the energy to a fever pitch; then the drop hits and the song warps into a ferocious rolling vibe that takes no prisoners. The winding bassline worms its way into your brain, as the different elements echo and combat each other at lightning speed.

Out now via Beatport, this is a massive release you need to cop stat!