Compiler – Return [Lost The Plot Recordings]

Compiler "Return" cover art

Compiler “Return” cover art

Seeing the next wave of ingenious producers create fresh tunes that defy logic is mesmerizing. Whether it’s a gritty evil bassline that makes the hair on your arm stand up, to clever ways of fusing disparate elements you never expected to sound good together, there is always something on the horizon ready to subvert all expectations we have. Compiler is one such producer with a proven track record of putting out tracks that sound like nothing you have heard before; his latest, Return on Lost the Plot Recordings is three mind-bending tracks of massive proportions.

The title track opens up the release, with waves of warbling atmospherics blended into the rising rhythm of the drums. The drop hits with the force of a black hole, instantly sucking you into its wobbly orbit. The hard snap of the snare and the fuzzed out staccato motif fling you back and forth like a rag doll, with the repetitive vocal refrain cementing the vibe even further.

“Do While” forges into a totally new direction; it starts off with an ominous character and driving drums reminiscent of the previous tune. But it takes a left turn as it lays down a fierce broken rolling rhythm that has all the weight of a jackhammer. There is no doubt that everyone on the dancefloor will be headbanging to this tune.

Delivering the final blow is the shellshock of “Break.” There is no way to prepare for the gravity defying weight of the sub or menacing thrash of the drums. Underlying all of this is expertly crafted bass howls and gritty textures, with intricately designed hat shuffles that drive the mutant explorations deeper into unknown territory.

Out now via Beatport, this is a release you definitely do not want to sleep on!