Acid Lab – Funk Tune / Nero / Say What [Counterpoint Recordings]

Acid Lab cover art

Experimental tendencies are a defining aspect to the world of bass music. This is a genre devoted to pushing the limits, exploring new sounds, and fusing disparate elements together in order to create fresh tunes that take your breath away. Counterpoint Recordings is fueled by this drive, routinely delivering releases that defy expectations in a whirlwind fashion. Their latest release brings the experimental flavorings of Acid Lab, with three sprawling tracks pulling from elements across the history of music.

“Funk Tune” opens the release with rich atmospheric pads and a rising drum pattern, carrying us into the earth-shattering drop. With a hard-hitting melodic hook and addictively deep bassline, the driving energy of the tune is infectious. Pulling from the past and fusing it with the future in one fell swoop, this is a serious smasher you can’t resist stepping to.

Taking things into darker territory, the blasts of gritty bass and choppy rhythms of “Nero” enter next. Acid Labs jungle chops are on full display here, with a heavy alternating bassline perfectly counterpointing the wild abandon of the hat section. This creates a push and pull effect with extreme dynamic range, from the crisp snap of the snare to the insanely deep bassline that overtakes the senses.

Last comes “Say What,” a haunting tune filled with meandering atmospherics and mind-bending rhythms. The surging vibe of the drum pattern drives the song forward, with layers of vocal samples and ghostly harmonics dotting the soundscape. Colliding together, the intense vibe of the song launches the mind into outer space while weighing down the body like lead.

Out now on all major platforms, grab it ASAP!