SMB – Intoxication/Helix

SMB cover art

SMB cover art

Despite being an electronic form of music, drum and bass has long been held in high esteem for its organic sounds and approach to composition. Since it tends to feature ghost notes, off-rhythms, and live samples, there is often an unpredictable human element to its material that enables the genre to push forward into new territories.

Terra Firma is a label that prominently focuses on this side of the genre, with releases grounded in authentic expression and ingenious rhythmic creations. With a dynamic range of sounds, from deep soulful liquid to gritty minimal textures, they routinely push the envelope in every way imaginable. Their latest release features rising talent SMB, with two massive sluggers Intoxication/Helix.

“Intoxication” sets the ominous vibes with mutated vocals that quickly place you into a trance.
As the kick builds the tension, the atmosphere intensifies to a fever pitch as the drop hits with massive force. The vocals continue relentlessly, as grinding blasts of noise and piercing melodic stabs infiltrate your mind. The constant swirling layers of the tune are endless, revealing his talent for creating singular soundscapes.

A throbbing vibrating bassline drives “Helix,” with a steady rhythm section providing a tough as nails foundation for the tune. The menacing overtones of the track are overwhelming, with swirling layers of glitchy fx and crunchy bass growls further establishing the apocalyptic vibe of the tune. The final nail in the coffin comes in the form of its fierce lyrics, with rapid fire delivery that adds a piercing sense of dread to the track.

Out now via Beatport and the Terra Firma Bandcamp outlet, SMB provides ample proof he is one to watch on this release. Don’t sleep on this one!