Dunk – Black Box EP [Context Audio]

Dunk cover art

Dunk cover art

It is endlessly fascinating how music constantly adapts and evolves; there is always something new and groundbreaking just around the corner. Context Audio is a label dedicated to pushing this envelope as hard as they can, featuring a discography that is as diverse as it is distinctive. From deep atmospheric explorations to straight out savage workouts, each release keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat. The Black Box EP by Dunk is no exception, featuring five tracks that will make your head spin.

The ominous tones and metronomic click of “Danger Alert” start the album off, with a frenetic shuffle increasing the tension until the massive force of the drop hits. The song launches into a potent whirlwind, continuing to build tension as the hat section swerves in and out of focus. With exquisite levels of sound design, this one is a true force of nature that sucks you in instantly.

“Freak Me Out” is a ferocious driving tune with a thick chunky snare laying down the toughest of vibes, a sub that dominates the underworld, and a hypnotic torrent of gritty motifs. Calling forth the hard-edged origins of the genre and fusing that with the precision of the modern studio, it takes no prisoners as it destroys any notion of boundaries.

Going deeper down the wormhole, “Brain Damage” is a singular tune that showcases the dynamic range of the dark and minimal side of DnB. With mind melting FX, an infectious groove, and razor-sharp precision, it’s a densely layered tune that will always leaving you craving for more. This is a wild and incredibly invigorating tune that is set to demolish any speaker system it comes into contact with.

The title track, “Black Box,” roars in next. Working with the vibe established thus far and mutating it even further, this song focuses on the overwhelming potential of the earth-shattering sub. The vibration of the bass is fearsome, as it threatens to overwhelm you completely. A punchy kick and snare help drive the effect further, as the waves of fuzz mesmerize you into submission.

Laslty, we get a remix of the title tune by none other than Manual himself. Taking the massive weight of the last track and adding his own penchant for throbbing wobbles, he creates a massive soundscape that shifts into a frenzied onslaught of sound. The pacing of the rhythm leaves you breathless, as the intensity only amps up harder and faster as the track progresses to a close.

This is a stellar release, crafting five tracks that speak to the casual fan as well as the most devout listener with its ingenious compositions and attention to detail. Cop this asap via Beatport and the Context Audio Bandcamp!