Alixander Raczkowski – “Electric Conversation” [Kaleidoscope Productions]


Electric Conversation cover- art

House music, along with techno, is a fascinating genre with a rich history; from the first creation of the well-known four to the floor beat, to its steady rise in popularity, and all the way down to refining and evolving over time. Kaleidoscope Productionsis a label bringing out some of the best forward thinking House music to date, along with a clear understanding of the past. The latest addition to the label, Alixander Raczkowski, brings us Electronic Conversation – two tracks that revel in the past, present, and future of music itself.

The title track, “Electronic Conversation,” is a heavy fuzzed out number that takes you on an epic journey of groovy rhythms: the gritty bassline that drives the song is instantly infectious, while the bubbling sub and howling motif create an interesting dynamic spike. The consistent yet sporadic change in pacing from the hat section is pure precision, while the vocal sample adds a spaced out-vibe that is to die for.

The surging number known as “3 Pin” serves as the flip side. With its upbeat rhythm and hypnotic claps, it sucks you in without hesitation. This is a tune that will have your feet moving, as the pulsing sub swallows the body and the rhythmic shuffle burrows deep in your soul. The rising and falling sensations created by the drops and breaks is overwhelming, as it leaves a firm imprint in the brain.

Out now on Beatport, celebrate life by copping this stellar release asap! Make sure to keep an eye on Kaleidoscope, as they get ready to drop The Magik by none other than Kirros himself, and make sure you tune into their livestream sets – airing four times a week, it’s the best place to get your fix of booming beats and vibrant House music!