HVRLYN– Lost: Signals 004 [Lost Recordings]


HVRLYN cover art

Experimentation is a defining feature of modern bass music; from the deep sub explorations of dubstep, to the mutant warblings of half time, or the technical wizardry of drum and bass, there is always an eye towards making music pleasing to the ear as well as pushing the boundaries of what is possible. At the forefront of this lies Lost Recordings – a label that consistently outputs music that feeds off of and fuses elements from across the spectrum of bass music. Their latest release, Lost: Signals 004, features heavyweight HVRLYN with two fiercely deep tracks.

“Picadilly Bop” opens with intense atmospherics, as the title phrase echoes repetitively through the head. All of this builds until the drop hits, one that hits with such unprecedented force it takes you completely by surprise. The rolling rhythm of the track, along with the frenetic glitchy vibe of the FX and hat section, instantly overtakes the senses with reckless abandon. Overall, the level of precision is mind blowing and showcases why this producer is one to watch.

Dense atmospherics and a hypnotic shuffle open “The Wedge,” with a surging bassline that sucks you into the nether regions of DnB. This is a serious workout of a tune; the minimalistic bassline perfectly counterpoints the breakneck speed of the hat section, fueling a tug of war between the mind and body. It’s an unrelentingly infectious tune, leaving a lasting impression that is impossible to resist.

Out now via the Lost Recordings Bandcamp, cop this one without delay!