Workforce – Moods EP [Critical Music]


Workforce cover art

Two heavyweights of Drum and Bass have joined forces: Critical Music and Workforce. Critical Music is home to revered talents like Mefjus, Emperor, Enei, Ivy Lab, QZB, Particle, and many more. Well known for pushing the boundaries of the heavier side of the genre, it is a label that routinely surprises and inspires you with the diversity of its output.

Workforce has become one of the most dominant forces in DnB over the last year. With an output that pushes the envelope as well as showcasing his creative approach to composition, many of his tracks have become staples in countless sets in addition to topping charts and lists. With the Moods EP, he continues his journey, venturing deep into darker territory with captivating results.

The infectious energy of “Back Up” starts the EP out. With an ingeniously structured drum pattern that blends perfectly with the deep sub and growling basslines, he creates a tune that instantly sucks you into its orbit. The vocal sample and techy breaks add even further tension and help create the signature vibe Workforce always sets.

“EGO” drifts in next, with the repetitive hi-hat click and an ominous atmosphere that mutates into a glitchy drum buildup, erupting into the massive drop. Once it hits, its impossible to resist throwing your body around like a ragdoll to the angular rhythms. The warbling effects and heavy drums create a tug of war between the body and mind, leaving you exhausted yet wishing it would never end.

Piercing sirens and moody textures ring out at the start of “Bring Down,” followed by rolling drums that hypnotize you into the buildup. The massive deep sub drops in on you like it has always been there, as ghostly motifs and haunting vocals ebb and flow throughout the tune. Deceptively simple, this is a track that has endless layers where you find something new on every listen.

Lastly, “Maudlin” brings the release to a close. With a creative and intricate rhythm, Workforce takes us on a journey: one filled with deep growling subs, squalling basslines, ethereal vocals, surging motifs, and the space between notes. Calling forth the choppy origins of the genre and infusing it with modern stylings and production techniques, it’s a track that reveals the endless innovation this producer has.

Out now on all platforms, don’t sleep on this one and cop it today!