Various Artists – GOLD I [Midas Touch Recordings]

GOLD I - Midas Touch Recordings cover art

GOLD I – Midas Touch Recordings cover art

Fresh onto the scene and armed with an innovative take on the drum and bass genre stands Midas Touch Recordings. Based in Belgium and founded by none other than Sceptiz and SVB, it’s a label committed to bringing us the best in forward thinking electronic music as well as showcasing the brightest graphic designer talent around. Belgium itself has a long history of heavyweight artists: Bredren, Phase, Solace, Glyph, Msoul & S27, and more all originate from there and share a real drive for testing the limits of DnB.

Their first outing was the Spoko EP and is available as a free download (which you definitely need to get ASAP) exposing the sound of the label to everyone for the first time. They’re back already with the first edition of their GOLD series, GOLD I. Get ready for some serious heaters as you trek through this massive release!

SubMarine starts us out with “Jitterbug.” Beginning with the funkiest of intros, the grinding buzz of the atmospherics slowly instills more and more tension, until the full flair of the drop catapults the song into a frenzy. Known for his extremely unique rolling basslines, he crafts a track that fuses the deepest of vibes with the exhilarating fun of a funk song. This is a definite foot stomper that will easily set any dancefloor on fire.

Bringing out ominous atmospherics, warbling synth melodies, and a finely tuned drum section is Solace with “Dawn.” Right off the bat, the rhythm has your head shaking as the synth motif worms its way into your head. The chattering cymbals keep the pace intense and without even realizing it, you’ve become totally lost and entranced in this tune. The wobbly bass line that comes in after the second drop further blows the mind, revealing a truly creative use of layering seldomly heard.

Label heads Sceptiz and SVB flex their musical muscles on the next tune, “Paniek”. Revered for their dark tones and challenging beat patterns, this tune is no exception. Creepy atmospherics counterpoint the magnetic groove of the drums, employing that classic dark jungle snare snap which drives the song forward. All of the elements combine in a way that is as infectious as it is overwhelming, as evidenced by the warping bassline and subtle layering that summon otherwordly sensations.

Last but not least is OaT, a producer with an absolute killer sense of bass sound design that consistently pushes the boundaries of what is possible. “Diamonds” has this on full display, along with showcasing his versatility as well. This is a tune that reaches deep into the soul; the sub bass is seemingly bottomless with such a soothing warmth, the drums are intensely busy yet create a sense of bliss, and the atmospherics glide along with the soulful vocals in a way that evoke such pure emotion it’s unreal.

Together, these songs reveal the powerhouse that Midas Touch Recordings is, and how seriously they take their name. Out now on all the major platforms, cop this one without delay!

Available through Beatport