Golden Gods Award Winning Aussies Rock House Of Blues Sunset

Twelve Foot Ninja

Twelve Foot Ninja play the House of Blues Sunset Dec. 17

Twelve Foot Ninja is a rock band formed in 2008 in Melbourne, Victoria. The band broke a world record for the most amount crowd funded for a music video, raising $52,600 to make their video for “Ain’t That A Bitch.” They will be performing at The House of Blues Sunset on Dec. 17.

In early 2013, Twelve Foot Ninja embarked on their first headline tour of Australia and sold out every capital city. The band is independent, self-produced and self-funded. Their music encompasses a wide variety of musical styles (metal, alternative rock, funk, jazz, Latin, dub and reggae). They are also well known for their visually striking and comedic music videos.

The OC Concert Guide had the opportunity to chat with Twelve Foot Ninja about their origin, tour and upcoming shows.

OCCG: How did you come up with the name Twelve Foot Ninja and what is the meaning behind it?
TFN: The name came out of the “would you rather ̨ game; “Would you rather be a twelve foot ninja or the only person in the middle ages with a machine gun and unlimited ammo? I got the idea for a twelve foot ninja after seeing a
wax statue of Robert Wadlow in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Then I wrote a short story about the Twelve Foot Ninja, which snowballed into what it is today.

OCCG: How is life different in America compared to life in Australia for you guys?
TFN: America is 10 times bigger in every way and American audiences often drive 3 hours to see a show on a weeknight & hellip. This rarely happens in Australia.
Cheese has a strange colour, an entree is viewed as a main and Australian accents are unique (vs. ordinary in Australia ha ha).

OCCG: How did you know that metal was the genre that you wanted to pursue? How would you describe your sound in your own words?
TFN: I personally never really set out to pursue metal . . . I just wrote heavy music mixed with other styles. Weirdly, I don’t consider us a metal band. Sixty percent of what we do is heavy and inspired by various incarnations of metal but Forty percent is something completely different – often seemingly diametrically opposed. We describe our sound as heavy fusion ̨ for this reason.

OCCG: How have you enjoyed touring with In This Moment, Starset & 3 Pill Morning?
TFN: It has been awesome! All of these bands are very different to the kinds of bands we usually play with but it’s been cool. Weave really enjoyed the experience. Everyone has been very friendly and accommodating.

OCCG: What are your most and least favorite parts about touring?
TFN: Most favourite part of touring is locking into a routine, smashing shows night after night, meeting fans and sharing our music. The least favourite would be the lack of toilets; food options, showers and missing loved ones back home.

OCCG: What was the significance behind your song, “Coming For You?”
TFN: Interesting question! Not quite sure how to answer that one . . . If by significance you mean the meaning. Kin writes the lyrics inspired by the Twelve Foot Ninja story and they’re metaphorical in many ways, not intended to have the meaning dictated but interpreted subjectively by the listener. Musically: it literally came out the way it came out.

OCCG: What are you most looking forward to in regards to your show at The House of Blues in LA on Dec. 17?
TFN: House of Blues shows are always epic. Also I hear it might be one of the last shows there? If so, it will be an honour to perform in such an iconic venue.

OCCG: What keeps you going as musicians?
TFN: Exceeding our own expectations and the encouragement we receive from fans.

OCCG: What are you plans for after your tour?
TFN: Head back to Australia for Christmas, I’m getting married and then we’re working on album 2 and a whole bunch of other interesting TFN related projects!

OCCG: What’s a random fun fact you’d like everyone to know about you guys?
TFN: We have an impeccably clean tour bus because weave invented a system that punishes untidiness with 30 burpees or a $10 fine. Damon our bassist is leading the charge as the worst offender with 180 burpees paid and $50 in the crime jar.