Award Winning Mexican Group Rocks OC Fans With New Tunes


Molotov plays the Observatory Dec. 7

Motolov is, Tito Fuentes, Miky Huidobro, Paco Ayala and Randy Ebright – a Grammy award winning alternative rock band from Mexico! The boys of Motolov are ready to bring their music to The Observatory in Santa Ana on Dec. 7.

Bands such as Cypress Hill and the Beastie Boys inspire their music, which is just as rock with their own Mexican-flavor to it. Their “Agua Maldita Navidad Tour” is promoting their newest record “Agua Maldita.”

The OCCG recently caught up with Randy from Motolov earlier this month and chatted about how they were formed at what’s next for the band.

OCCG: How did Molotov form?
Randy: Molotov formed in 1995 with Tito Fuentes, Micky Huidobro and 2 other members for the sole purpose of National Battle of the bands, which Molotov won… The other 2 members left shortly after and Randy Ebright and Paco Ayala joined on late 1995.

OCCG: How would you guys describe your music to someone who has never heard it?
Randy: It could be described as an alternative rock band with hip-hop influences. All of us are multi instrumentalist, composers and vocalists.

OCCG: You guys have been in the music scene for a while now, what keeps you motivated to keep writing and recording?
Randy: Inertia!! The love of music and the hate for desks and calculators.

OCCG: What was the main inspiration behind ‘Agua Maldita’?
Randy: As an all Molotov records… Everyday life… In all its forms.

OCCG: How was it like working with RUN-DMC?
Randy: A dream come true… A life lesson..A breath of fresh air… inspirational.

OCCG: Who are some of your musical influences, individually and as a group?
Randy: As a group: Sabbath, Zeppelin, Beatles, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill and the Beastie Boys.

OCCG: How excited are you about this upcoming tour – especially playing here in Santa Ana?
Randy: Can’t wait… Always have great crowds!!!

OCCG: What is your favorite song(s) to perform live?
Randy: Fuga… Uhu… Matate tete, Blame Me.

OCCG: What’s next for Molotov?
Randy: We are now free from our record company.. We will be releasing a lot of material, and very often!!!!