French Horn Rebellion About To Blow The Roof Off The Satellite

French Horn Rebellion

French Horn Rebellion plays at the Satellite Oct. 31

The Next Jack Swing duo, French Horn Rebellion are set to perform at The Satellite on Oct. 31 co-heading tour with Zak Waters and their new EP, Swing Into It is set for release on Nov. 4.

French Horn Rebellion consists of brothers Robert and David Perlick-Molinari. They started up after Robert, who was a French horn major, visited brother David in New York and after working on music together they decided to form a band.

“We’ve been doing the band now for 5 years and I’d say the first 3 years were obstacle after obstacle, and in the last year and a half we’ve really been able to release music at a good pace and work with people we love,” says Robert on coming over obstacles along the way.

Robert named MGMT as their main influence for starting the band after having worked for them back in 2005, “That was when I realized I didn’t need to play guitar to be in a band, I can play synth’s and make dance beats and do all kinds of stuff.”

The brothers of French Horn Rebellion are always trying to push boundaries with their style of music, which is what led to their creation of the new genre, Next Jack Swing, which is a mix between New Jack Swing and New Disco.

Since the end of 2012 they have been releasing EP after EP, their newest one was released March 25th of this year, Swing Into It which features HAERTS. “All the songs have their own journey that they go on from when they start…some songs take months to fully release, ” says Robert.

They have announced a 24-city tour for their new EP and Robert revealed that they’re favorite song to perform on stage is a cover of Don’t You Want Me by The Human League, “That’s when people kinda et crazy and they’ll stay crazy throughout the show because it gets people out of their seats ‘cause they know the song,” says Robert.