Southern Punk Band Ex-Cult Ready To Rock LA


Ex-Cult plays The Smell in LA Aug. 8

Five-person Punk band, Ex-Cult, consists of Alec McIntyre, Natalie Hoffmann, Michael Peery, JB Horrell, and Chris Shaw. They are hitting the road this summer to share their Southern punk sound with everyone, with Zig Zags. Ex-Cult will bring their unique punk sound to The Smell in LA on Aug 8.

Ex-Cult recently released their EP, Midnight Passenger and added a bit of “psychedelic slime” to their music, the EP was inspired mostly by their numerous tours and enjoy everything that comes with touring. They teased us a bit by announcing that they are recording a new EP! Inspired by bands such as Urban Waste and The Fall, they are all equally obsessed with their music and found their sound by touring constantly.

OC Concert Guide caught up with Ex-Cult and talked about their inspirations, tour life and sound.

OCCG: Is there a back-story or inspiration behind your bands name?
Ex-Cult: We put out two singles under the name Sex Cult before someone from New York City got mad and made us change the name because he ran something called Sex Cult Records. So…we dropped the S, becoming Ex-Cult. We’ve been thinking about dropping the E next and just being X-Cult. There are so many “Ex” bands now that it’s become annoying. Shout out to Sex Cult Records, if y’all wanna do a single, get in touch?

OCCG: Most of your music is inspired by being on the road, correct? What kind of things inspired you the most about life on the road?
Ex-Cult: Honestly, the whole experience of touring is inspiring. I love being in the car, seeing weird stuff on the way to the next city and joking around with the other members of the band. About a week into any tour shit gets pretty dumb, people start communicating in made-up languages, things become hilarious that normally wouldn’t be funny at all. But I find inspiration in that too, even if the inspiration comes from not knowing we could get so primitive.

It’s also interesting to me to see how the people who come out to our shows in different parts of the country live their lives. Going to new dive bars, making new friends, finding new records, eating weird food, it’s all part of an experience that I personally find second to none.

OCCG: How would you describe your band’s sound/music?
Ex-Cult: We are a Southern punk band made up of five people who are equally obsessed with music. In terms of our sound, we aren’t a garage band or a hardcore band, we are a punk band and that’s it.

OCCG: Being on the road so much, what’s something you miss the most about not being home?
Ex-Cult: I’d say I miss my Fiancé, my bathroom and my record collection in that order. There is a weird transition period after every tour where you are like, “wait… this is my apartment, all this shit is mine? What do I do with it?”

I don’t really miss Memphis to be honest. I’ve been involved in the punk scene here for over ten years and it’s nice to get away and not see the same weirdo’s in the bars by my apartment. Touring so much has changed my outlook on going out in the city where I live, lately I’ve just kind of felt like, “what’s the point? I think I’ll just sit here and listen to ten records by myself.”

OCCG: Individually and as a band, who are your biggest music influences?
Ex-Cult: The Fall, Can, Neu, Simply Saucer, Black Flag, The Dicks, Urban Waste, Swell Maps, CCR, Magazine

OCCG: What are some of your favorite songs to play live and why?
Ex-Cult: We don’t really play old songs that much anymore but I still really like playing “Knives on Both Sides” and “MPD” live, people seem to always call those out. “Mr. Fantasy” usually gets the crowd moving as well. As far as new songs go, I think “Lights Out Club” “Flickering Eyes” and “Venice Illusion” are my new favorite live songs.

When we started this band I never thought I would have people screaming the words back at me to all of our songs, that’s a pretty insane feeling. Especially because I used to be the kid in the front row swiping at the microphone.

OCCG: Is there a certain city on your upcoming tour with Total Abuse and Zig Zags that’s you’re stoked to play at?
Ex-Cult: We love playing the West Coast. Playing The Smell in LA was a blast last time, that’s got to be the hottest venue in America temperature wise. We love playing Austin, San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, and Eureka… really the whole West Coast kicks ass. We are playing a couple new places in California on this tour; I’m excited for that! I’ve also only seen Zig Zags once so I’m stoked to catch them every night for a week or so!

OCCG: Lastly, what’s next for Ex-Cult?
Ex-Cult: We are hitting the studio in July to record an EP with Doug Easley who recorded Midnight Passenger and the “Mister Fantasy” single. We haven’t announced who’s putting it out yet but it’s gonna rip your head off.