Alixander Raczkowski – “Electric Conversation” [Kaleidoscope Productions]


Electric Conversation cover- art

House music, along with techno, is a fascinating genre with a rich history; from the first creation of the well-known four to the floor beat, to its steady rise in popularity, and all the way down to refining and evolving over time. Kaleidoscope Productionsis a label bringing out some of the best forward thinking House music to date, along with a clear understanding of the past. The latest addition to the label, Alixander Raczkowski, brings us Electronic Conversation – two tracks that revel in the past, present, and future of music itself.

The title track, “Electronic Conversation,” is a heavy fuzzed out number that takes you on an epic journey of groovy rhythms: the gritty bassline that drives the song is instantly infectious, while the bubbling sub and howling motif create an interesting dynamic spike. The consistent yet sporadic change in pacing from the hat section is pure precision, while the vocal sample adds a spaced out-vibe that is to die for.

The surging number known as “3 Pin” serves as the flip side. With its upbeat rhythm and hypnotic claps, it sucks you in without hesitation. This is a tune that will have your feet moving, as the pulsing sub swallows the body and the rhythmic shuffle burrows deep in your soul. The rising and falling sensations created by the drops and breaks is overwhelming, as it leaves a firm imprint in the brain.

Out now on Beatport, celebrate life by copping this stellar release asap! Make sure to keep an eye on Kaleidoscope, as they get ready to drop The Magik by none other than Kirros himself, and make sure you tune into their livestream sets – airing four times a week, it’s the best place to get your fix of booming beats and vibrant House music!

Yannons – Observe/Thau (ft Kragar) [ Transparent Audio]

Yannons cover art

Yannons cover art

The use of layers is one of the most fascinating aspects to the modern production of electronic music, and this is especially true when it comes to drum and bass. This is a genre defined by intense detail paid to sculpting precise drum sounds, crafting elaborately textured atmospheres, and blending multiple competing elements into a harmonious whole. The deep and dark side delves even further into that realm, with Transparent Audio fervently leading the charge – delivering two fresh tracks from the man known as Yannons.

“Observe” begins with an ominous tone, driven by a single hat click. The atmosphere slowly builds in intensity, as the grave-robbing bassline makes itself known. A rolling hat shuffle ramps up the song into the drop, surging it forward with the force of a black hole. The placement of each layer is mesmerizing in its effect, resulting in a tune with overwhelming depth.

The flip side contains the raucous number “Thau (feat Kragar),” one filled to the brim with a savage rhythm and mutant bass growls that permanently seep into your brain. The vibrating bassline further establishes the wild eerie energy of the tune, pulling you deep into its center. The subtle meandering patterns and FX infect the mind, making you feel like the only thing that exists is the song.

Out now on Beatport and the Transparent Audio Bandcamp, don’t sleep on this release!

HVRLYN– Lost: Signals 004 [Lost Recordings]


HVRLYN cover art

Experimentation is a defining feature of modern bass music; from the deep sub explorations of dubstep, to the mutant warblings of half time, or the technical wizardry of drum and bass, there is always an eye towards making music pleasing to the ear as well as pushing the boundaries of what is possible. At the forefront of this lies Lost Recordings – a label that consistently outputs music that feeds off of and fuses elements from across the spectrum of bass music. Their latest release, Lost: Signals 004, features heavyweight HVRLYN with two fiercely deep tracks.

“Picadilly Bop” opens with intense atmospherics, as the title phrase echoes repetitively through the head. All of this builds until the drop hits, one that hits with such unprecedented force it takes you completely by surprise. The rolling rhythm of the track, along with the frenetic glitchy vibe of the FX and hat section, instantly overtakes the senses with reckless abandon. Overall, the level of precision is mind blowing and showcases why this producer is one to watch.

Dense atmospherics and a hypnotic shuffle open “The Wedge,” with a surging bassline that sucks you into the nether regions of DnB. This is a serious workout of a tune; the minimalistic bassline perfectly counterpoints the breakneck speed of the hat section, fueling a tug of war between the mind and body. It’s an unrelentingly infectious tune, leaving a lasting impression that is impossible to resist.

Out now via the Lost Recordings Bandcamp, cop this one without delay!

Revan – Beurs/My Reality [Sofa Sound Bristol]

Revan – Beurs/My Reality [Sofa Sound Bristol] cover art

Revan – Beurs/My Reality [Sofa Sound Bristol] cover art

Drum and bass is a technical genre; from the intense level of detail involved in the sound design, to the intricate layering of shuffles and breaks, and even the very pace of the music itself, it demands precision from both the makers as well as the listeners. Sofa Sound Bristol has painstakingly carved out their own corner that revels in this fact and pushes the boundaries of what is possible. Their latest release features a top tier producer who is well known for his technical prowess along with his unique style of crafting songs – the man known as Revan. On this release, he has teamed up with Parallel Identities to give us two cuts that show they mean serious business.

“Beurs” starts off with rich atmospherics, with a finger snap snare that builds into the drop. The massive force that enters is overwhelming, with a gritty bassline and a furious whirlwind of drums that takes your head clean off. The constantly shifting pattern of the hat section is the perfect counterpoint to the wobbly vibe the sub produces, creating a track that is as introspective as it is ferocious.

The throbbing vibrations of “My Reality” serve as the flip side to the release, a driving number that hails from the deepest depths of bass music. The hard rolling beat carries the tune, giving it a tough street vibe that will dominate any sound system. With the swirling FX and white noise of the hat section providing a hypnotic consistency, this is a heavy tune that envelopes you completely and refuses to let go.

Out now via Sofa Sounds’ bandcamp, this is a deeply invigorating release you do not want to sleep on!

ALBUM REVIEW: Patriarchy “Reverse Circumcision”

Patriarchy "Reverse Circumcision" cover art

Patriarchy “Reverse Circumcision” cover art

Patriarchy is described as the snuff metal band we deserve, and rightly so. The imagery is vibrant, dynamic, and out of this world and the music very much goes along with this. Thus, it’s a whole package which is a rarity in the music world at times and sets this group apart with ease. With a whole album of remixes of songs from the first Patriarchy album, Asking For It, on the horizon, it seems the world agrees with the statement wholeheartedly. Imitation is the highest form of flattery and plenty have lined up to do just that!

First up is “I Don’t Wanna Die” remixed by Geneva Jacuzzi. A number that recalls the dreamy sounds of the eighties, thoroughly updated to the modern world. The glistening production of the song glues all the elements together perfectly in unexpected ways. The dreamy vocals waft in and out of your head throughout the number, as the meandering bassline and monotonous beat lull you into a false sense of security.

Patriarchy; press photo

Patriarchy; press photo

“Hell was Full” drifts in next, remixed by Bon Harris of Nitzer Ebb. The ominous tones and minimal beat pattern set the vibe for the dark exploration about to be undertaken. There is a sense of unease as the song marches along, but only draws you in even further. Sprinkled throughout the song is a surprisingly infectious melodic motif that grabs you like a monster from under the bed. This is a tune that will stay with you long after its last echo trails off.

Drab Majesty brings us their remix of “Burn the Witch,” ready to fill your head with staccato beats and melodies that are as challenging as they are fulfilling. One of the standout aspects to this track is how it brings the light and dark together: the vocals are ethereal yet forlorn at the same time, the beat is quite boppy yet carries with it a rolling downhill sensation, the keyboard motifs are soothing, yet the particular notes have an offkey vibe to them. Together, it makes for an epic journey that reflect life in all its gore and glory.

“It Goes Fast,” remixed by Second Skin, chimes in as if from the sky. The ethereal atmospherics, catchy beat, and hypnotic vocal motif sear the brain with melodies from the dark side. As it echoes through your head, the tribal influenced drums consume the body in a frenzy of sound that refuses to let go.

Patriarchy; photo-Michael Deleon Romero

Patriarchy; photo-Michael Deleon Romero

Heavy comes next, as John Fryer of This Mortal Coil puts his remix of “He Took It Out” on display for everyone to enjoy. The piercing keyboard notes add just the right texture to the thump of the kick that dominates the tune. Using repetition, a constant scene of crescendo of sound builds throughout the song, with the swirling cycle of vocals causing you to lose all sense of time and being as the song pulses through you.

The siren sounds of “Sweet Piece of Meat” remixed by Xavier Swafford of 3TEETH, infect the ears right from the first note. Using the simplicity of a driving beat and wild blasts of fuzz noise, the song surges along with the power of a juggernaut intent on bending you to its own will. The rhythmic vibrations alone hook you in faster than the blink of an eye.

“Grind Your Bones,” remixed by Rhys Fulber of Frontline Assembly, enters – seemingly far away and in a totally different world. As it progresses, it creates a blur between all the different possible worlds out there. The longing of the vocals counterpoints the robotic nature of the drums and atmospheres, setting the stage for the push and pull we all feel when navigating through life.

The glitchy meanderings of Light Asylum’s remix of “I Don’t Want To Die,” will inspire you to do the dream dance as it worms it way through your heart and soul. The hip-hop inspired beat serves as a perfect vehicle to deliver the vocalizations and spoken word diatribe that ebb and flow as the song progresses. This is a track that causes you to lose complete track of time as you get more and more absorbed in the world it creates.

Further exploring the soul behind our machines is ADULT.’s remix of “Hell Was Full.” Employing a motoric style beat with heavy use of delay on the vocals and ethereal atmospheres, this is a tune that makes you fall fast and hard. The hypnotic swirl of the tremolo motif bounces inside your head relentlessly, with the beat and vocals creating a dynamic range that forces introspection about what is possible in music. It’ a heady trip you will want to embark on again and again.

Set for release January 29 on Dero Arcade, this is an exquisite release you will want to pre-order and get as soon as possible!

Workforce – Moods EP [Critical Music]


Workforce cover art

Two heavyweights of Drum and Bass have joined forces: Critical Music and Workforce. Critical Music is home to revered talents like Mefjus, Emperor, Enei, Ivy Lab, QZB, Particle, and many more. Well known for pushing the boundaries of the heavier side of the genre, it is a label that routinely surprises and inspires you with the diversity of its output.

Workforce has become one of the most dominant forces in DnB over the last year. With an output that pushes the envelope as well as showcasing his creative approach to composition, many of his tracks have become staples in countless sets in addition to topping charts and lists. With the Moods EP, he continues his journey, venturing deep into darker territory with captivating results.

The infectious energy of “Back Up” starts the EP out. With an ingeniously structured drum pattern that blends perfectly with the deep sub and growling basslines, he creates a tune that instantly sucks you into its orbit. The vocal sample and techy breaks add even further tension and help create the signature vibe Workforce always sets.

“EGO” drifts in next, with the repetitive hi-hat click and an ominous atmosphere that mutates into a glitchy drum buildup, erupting into the massive drop. Once it hits, its impossible to resist throwing your body around like a ragdoll to the angular rhythms. The warbling effects and heavy drums create a tug of war between the body and mind, leaving you exhausted yet wishing it would never end.

Piercing sirens and moody textures ring out at the start of “Bring Down,” followed by rolling drums that hypnotize you into the buildup. The massive deep sub drops in on you like it has always been there, as ghostly motifs and haunting vocals ebb and flow throughout the tune. Deceptively simple, this is a track that has endless layers where you find something new on every listen.

Lastly, “Maudlin” brings the release to a close. With a creative and intricate rhythm, Workforce takes us on a journey: one filled with deep growling subs, squalling basslines, ethereal vocals, surging motifs, and the space between notes. Calling forth the choppy origins of the genre and infusing it with modern stylings and production techniques, it’s a track that reveals the endless innovation this producer has.

Out now on all platforms, don’t sleep on this one and cop it today!

False Concept – Warning EP [Ekou Recordings]

False Concept cover art

False Concept cover art

After the storm that was 2020, everyone is dead set on making 2021 far different in any and every way possible. Nowhere is this more evident than with Ekou Recordings, a label that has exploded to the forefront with consistently high caliber releases that set the bar for the genre. Refusing to let up, they now drop False Concepts Warning Ep – four tunes that contain mind blowing sound design along with a vast diversity in composition.

“Run” begins with a melancholic atmosphere and vocals which back it up, as gritty FX create massive tension into the drop. The deep sub drives the song forward, using a wobbly low end that fuses with the choppy rhythm to create a track that is as beautiful as it is ferocious. Blending the high energy pace DnB is known for with the moody vibes of dark liquid make it impossible to resist.

Drifting in with ominous atmospherics comes “Warning (Ft. Trafic MC).” The click of the hi-hat creates a slow-moving sensation, as the vocal delivery revs you up with its relentless delivery. This is a groove heavy roller that has layers for days; the crushing pattern of the breaks, the overwhelming nature of the sub, and the growling FX clash and collide which creates the surging sensation that makes it such a killer tune.

Taking things into more experimental territory, “Decline” showcases the savage frenetic onslaught of the minimal side to the genre. The melodic keyboard riffs counterpoint perfectly with the densely layered drums that dominate the number. This song doesn’t let up; from the white noise of the busy hat section to the intense glitchy motif, it overwhelms the sense and leaves you gasping for more.

“Close” is the final number, starting out with bubbling mutant sounding FX and a yearning vocal sample which wind in and out of each other. They feed fluidly into the drop, all of the layers blending together and moving as one. The disparate stylings of the track – the distorted wobbling of the bassline, techy workout of the drums, and soulful tones of the melodic section – create a dynamic interplay that is fascinating to obsess over time and time again.

Out now on the Ekou Recordings Bandcamp, this is a fresh and distinctive set of songs you will want to scoop up ASAP!

Glyph & Hystatus – Azumith [Delta 9 Recordings]

Glyph & Hystatus cover art

Glyph & Hystatus cover art

Coming straight from the deepest trenches of the underground, Glyph & Hystatus have crafted four masterpieces of the dark and minimal sound. Released on Delta 9 Recordings, a label that has systematically brought out the best cutting edge DnB for months and is the perfect home for these tracks. Filled to the brim with dense textures and mind-blowing compositions, this release showcases the exciting and constantly shifting landscape of this genre.

“Meridian” starts the release out, with ghostly atmospherics and a hypnotic motif that get carried along by the driving rhythm. Once the drop hits, the music reaches deep inside of you with a subterranean bassline that floors. The throbbing vibrations counterpoint perfectly with the rolling tech melodies that drive the tune, showcasing the fusion of old and new that DnB thrives on.

The ominous mood and earth-shattering bass of “Azimuth” come roaring in next. The ferocious drum section blends with the sci-fi FX that dot the soundscape. The intense click of the hi-hats overwhelms the senses as the song slowly builds, yet never overpowers the subtle composition details. This is one of those hard-edged numbers you can’t get enough and reveals the studio precision both these producers possess.

“Trapped In The Group” takes things in a similar albeit different direction, utilizing a steady groove that creates an addictive feeling that is impossible to shake off. The swirling bassline that surges throughout it takes you to an alternate dimension of pure sound; the techy design of the drums further drives this home and serves to add even more tension to the ebb and flow of the track.

Taking things further into left field for the last one, Glyph and Hystatus deliver “Black Vector.” A weighty tune that explores what is possible with the sub, it employs wave after wave of glitchy FX and blasts of distortion. With a minimalist beat that carries everything along at a metronomic pace, it’s surreal how high speed yet spacious the song is as you get lost in each layer.

Out now on the Delta 9 Recordings’ bandcamp, this is a stunning release you will want to cop immediately!

Liquid Giraffe – Homeschool [Self-Release]

Liquid Giraffe cover art

Liquid Giraffe cover art

Hailing from Los Angeles, Liquid Giraffe is back with six fresh cuts which take you through a potent journey of bass and beats. As a long time player in the music world, this is a producer who consistently refines and hones his craft in surprising ways. On Homeschool, his talent for creating innovative vibes and expansive atmospheres is absolutely boundless.

“Midterminal” starts the album out, a soothing gem of lo-fi blends and hip-hop flavored beats. The simple repetitive flow keeps the momentum going as you fall deep into a daydream. The glossy sounds of the chords combine with the background vocals to evoke the feeling of a relaxing sunny day, one you wish would never end.

Changing pace comes the frenetic beats of “All Dem Graffiti Guys.” The rolling pulse of the drum section and the repetitive vocal sample create an addictive palette of sound that instantly gets stuck in your head. The jungle of sounds here reveals his penchant for intricate layers that tell a whole story, using each element to its maximum effect.

Exploring and pushing the envelope of bass music is a constant theme throughout the Liquid Giraffe discography; “Heyyy” blends a footwork style of rhythm with ethereal vocals that are a staple of electronic music. Combining them in an unpredictable manner, we get a satisfying track that fills the mind while vibrating the body simultaneously.

In the spirit of discovering new territories, “Domin8” is a mind-bending track filled to the brim with a trippy chopped up vocal sample and gritty basslines to boot. Backing this up is a heavy driving beat, and at its peak it builds up intense levels of tension before sucking you into the second drop. This is a song as infectious as they come, one that will stay with you long after it’s dissipated.

Keeping things rolling comes “Aristarrr.” This is a funky groove filled tune that gets the feet moving, willingly or not. This is a full-on odyssey of his technical prowess: from the clicking cymbals that dot the track, to the bubbly bassline, and even down to the rising melody, this is an evocative track – and getting lost in all the details is a serious pleasure.

Closing out the album is the absolute bliss of “Yo the 1.” With a busy hypnotic beat, Liquid Giraffe draws you into the deepest realms of his musical world. Bringing in his love of jungle style breaks, soulful melodic motifs, dynamic compositions, and hip-hop stylings, it’s a tune no one can resist, and will set any dancefloor ablaze.

Out now via the Liquid Giraffe Bandcamp, this is a must have for any music lover. His ability to pull from the past while keeping an eye on the future is what makes his style fascinating and one you will want to keep an eye on at all times. Cop it ASAP!

Rift – Suppress [Free From Sleep Recordings]


Rift cover art

Rift cover art

Free From Sleep has brought us some of the best live events in DnB, with lineups featuring stellar talent such as Skeptical, Loxy, Pola and Bryson, Break, and so many more. Even in the midst of this lockdown, they’ve refused to slow down, continuing to bring us live streams and DJ mixes to get us through the hard times. Their next step is releasing music themselves, and their first outing features two choice cuts from the man known as Rift. Well known for his beautiful liquid productions as well as hard-hitting deep workouts, he delves in and expands his style on his FFS release Suppress.

The title track comes at us first, beginning with a methodical click and ominous atmosphere that build into the driving beat. The tension it all builds is overwhelming, the drop coming in with earth shattering force. This tune recalls the rolling rhythms and choppy snares of Jubei and Metalheadz, and fuses that with the modern bass growls prevalent in darker styles of DnB. Brought together, it’s a deep and ferocious outing you’ll endlessly crave more.

“Back to You Feat. Elle Chante” sees Rift showcasing his liquid chops with a darker bent. Setting the vibe with an energetic drum pattern backed by ethereal vocals, the smooth production is perfectly counterpointed by the subtle gritty layers and blasts of bass distortion that dot the soundscape. As the tune progresses, it’s impossible to resist getting completely sucked into the world Rift has created in it.

Out now via the FFS Bandcamp, these are two tracks you will want to cop without delay!