Diving Into Mystery with Secret Service LBC and Kaleidoscope Productions

Kaleidoscope Productions

Kaleidoscope Productions

Live music is back! This has led to Secret Service LBC and Kaleidoscope Productions coming together to bring us a massive nights of flavorful beats and smooth grooves. Sal Lopez, a member of Secret Service LBC, and Ryan Dettmer, aka Zereticz and a founding member of Kaleidoscope Productions, took some time to detail the excitement and inner workings of this stellar show.

“I’m an Angeleno, born and raised, and have moved around Los Angeles throughout my life” describes Lopez. “I currently reside in Long Beach and am one of the founding members of Secret Service LBC, which is a Dj/art collective. We all started working around Long Beach and started banding together around 2018. In 2019 we had our first set of events, which went really well until 2020 hit.”

Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions

“Initially what we started doing was random pop ups, hence the “secret” aspect. We stuck with that and the branding just fell I to place. Originally it started with : Freaky Dealt, the project my girlfriend Sierra and I do, Dj Katrina from Russia who has been DJing in long beach for about six years. It just started growing; Jared aka Disco is from San Francisco and has been grandfathered in and also Chad, who goes by Martini, both joined up shortly after. Actually Martini we met at one of our first shows and he was dancing all night. He mentioned he was a DJ so we invited him to the next show and ever since he has been a big part of the team.”

“Nick nelson has also been there from the start,” he elaborates. “He is a producer and hip hop artist/rapper and goes by type one. He is our in house graphic artists who is a really talented filmographer. Anything that has to do with editing he is just a beast at.”

Fostering artistic talent is at the core of this collective. “We like to include artists background and feature them. Whenever we have events we try to have artists bring their work or do a live presentation of their work. In addition, we work with Inspired LBC who does alot of art and is on the city council as well.”

Taking place in Long Beach this very weekend, July 17 between 2-10 pm, this is a show not to be missed. As a day party bleeding into the night, it has everything you could want: groove heavy music, excellent people, the beach, epic visuals, top notch sound, and so much more.

“It’s a really big event on the Belmont shore,” says Dettmer. “We have been getting together with Secret Service to throw events; we met them though festival families that we have been rolling with the last few years. We did a silent disco in a backyard during COVID, and that’s how it all got started. It’s great to be able to work with them and do a show like this.”

Featuring a diverse lineup bringing all the best flavors of tech house and soul house, they have outdone themselves in terms of both the music and visuals and can barely contain their excitement. “It’s a really badass space,” reveals Lopez. “We are going to have two stages: there’s an upstairs room and there’s the open outdoor space. Lupe Fuentes and Lenny Kiser are headlining. Hitta and Suave are from Phoenix, who are up and comers that have been getting picked up by Space Yacht. The Dirtybird artist El Monk is also on this lineup. Finally, we got Zereticz joining us as well along with all the residents mentioned earlier.”

The visuals and overall production are laid out in intricate fashion, perfectly tailored to the vibe of this event. “We have also teamed up with Aftertraxx,” Lopez states, “who does production for EDC and Insomniac, and they are bringing out a whole pioneer rig as well an LED wall! I’m really excited because this place has never had this level of production before.”

“We are super stoked to be doing this event with them, excited to get out on the pier to enjoy some tunes with good friends!” exclaims Dettmer. “The chance to bring our positive Kaleidoscope vibes is an amazing and thrilling one!”

Get out on the beach and get down to some of the best live music you’ve been missing ever since the lockdown!