Tephra- Procceses EP [InReach Records]

Tephra - Process EP cover art

Tephra – Process EP cover art

Emerging from the murky depths comes Tephra, bringing three cuts straight from the deep side of drum and bass: The Procceses EP on InReach Records. Effortlessly blending creative beat patterns with his signature sound design, Tephra solidifies his reputation as a pioneer in the genre. Bringing new talent along Paolo, each track is densely layered in fresh and creative ways that take the genre in exciting new directions.

The title track “Processes” opens the release, with a choppy rhythm fine-tuned to perfection that gives the song its unique surging vibe. Once the throbbing sub enters, the track becomes a hypnotic wall of sound that overtakes the senses. A haunting FX-laden motif swirls throughout the song, bringing out the ominous mood that bubbles incessantly in the background.

The first of two collabs featuring Paolo, a soothing yet melancholic atmosphere dominates the beginning of “Never Look Back.” Metronomic clicks of a hat and a pulsing kick ebb and flow, building the tension into the drop – and this one hits with the force of a black hole. With an airy vocal that perfectly offsets the earth-shaking bassline, this one is an addictive adventure you will want to go on again and again.

“Rotation” features the bass warbling’s, chunky drums, and intricate shuffle patterns that are hallmarks of Tephra’s sound with Paolo adding his own deft touch to the mix. The tough rhythm of the tune is a force of nature, with plenty of echo drenched vocals and shifting layers that are bewildering to behold. The song is relentless in its pacing, cementing its singular sound that echoes in your head long after it over.

Out now via the InReach Records Bandcamp and most major platforms, cop this one stat!