Invadhertz & Ephyum – Eidolon EP [Dispatch Recordings]

Eidolon EP cover art

Eidolon EP cover art

There is power in music; it has the ability to completely alter one’s mood, or blow the mind wide open with its possibilities. Drum and bass occupy a unique space in this regard due to its twin pursuits of organic sounds and technical precision. At the forefront of this stands Dispatch Recordings, a label that has consistently delivered on this through releases by heavyweights such as Amoss, Black Barrel, Fre4knc, Kid Drama, Philth, and so many more. With the Eidolon EP by Invadhertz and Ephyum, we get a rewarding journey deep into the heart of the genre.

Starting off the EP is the melancholic beauty of “Escapism,” a driving number that reaches deep inside your soul and takes it on a wild rollercoaster ride. With the hypnotic shuffle of the hat section driving the song forward, the bass and synth motifs dance around each other with reckless abandon. A longing soulful sample adds even more depth, creating a shifting soundscape that give the song its signature character.

Ominous sub bass opens up “Deadlock,” as it methodically amps up the tension into a fever pitch. Featuring a hard rolling vibe, the intensity never lets up; instead, the rhythmic backbone keeps the energy surging as melodic growls and sudden stabs of FX create a nonstop torrent of sound. While always on the verge of overwhelming the senses completely, it rides that line with extreme precision that reveals intricate attention to detail.

“Eidolon” itself rears its massive head next, a massive force of nature designed to rip apart any sound system. Every element of this tune is directed towards this end, from the subterranean sub bass that grips the body to the incessant slap of the warbling FX. Even the crack of the snare further compounds the feeling that a monster from the deep has been released into the world.

Closing out the release is the infectious groove of “Lantern.” Bringing out their minimal chops, this is a heater propelled by otherworldly synths that slither into the brain as the sinister force of the bassline invades every cell in the body. The producers have crafted an impressive tune that permanently seeps in your memory and won’t be leaving anytime soon.

Out now on all major platforms, this is one for the books you need to add to your collection today!