Yannons – Observe/Thau (ft Kragar) [ Transparent Audio]

Yannons cover art

Yannons cover art

The use of layers is one of the most fascinating aspects to the modern production of electronic music, and this is especially true when it comes to drum and bass. This is a genre defined by intense detail paid to sculpting precise drum sounds, crafting elaborately textured atmospheres, and blending multiple competing elements into a harmonious whole. The deep and dark side delves even further into that realm, with Transparent Audio fervently leading the charge – delivering two fresh tracks from the man known as Yannons.

“Observe” begins with an ominous tone, driven by a single hat click. The atmosphere slowly builds in intensity, as the grave-robbing bassline makes itself known. A rolling hat shuffle ramps up the song into the drop, surging it forward with the force of a black hole. The placement of each layer is mesmerizing in its effect, resulting in a tune with overwhelming depth.

The flip side contains the raucous number “Thau (feat Kragar),” one filled to the brim with a savage rhythm and mutant bass growls that permanently seep into your brain. The vibrating bassline further establishes the wild eerie energy of the tune, pulling you deep into its center. The subtle meandering patterns and FX infect the mind, making you feel like the only thing that exists is the song.

Out now on Beatport and the Transparent Audio Bandcamp, don’t sleep on this release!