Revan – Beurs/My Reality [Sofa Sound Bristol]

Revan – Beurs/My Reality [Sofa Sound Bristol] cover art

Revan – Beurs/My Reality [Sofa Sound Bristol] cover art

Drum and bass is a technical genre; from the intense level of detail involved in the sound design, to the intricate layering of shuffles and breaks, and even the very pace of the music itself, it demands precision from both the makers as well as the listeners. Sofa Sound Bristol has painstakingly carved out their own corner that revels in this fact and pushes the boundaries of what is possible. Their latest release features a top tier producer who is well known for his technical prowess along with his unique style of crafting songs – the man known as Revan. On this release, he has teamed up with Parallel Identities to give us two cuts that show they mean serious business.

“Beurs” starts off with rich atmospherics, with a finger snap snare that builds into the drop. The massive force that enters is overwhelming, with a gritty bassline and a furious whirlwind of drums that takes your head clean off. The constantly shifting pattern of the hat section is the perfect counterpoint to the wobbly vibe the sub produces, creating a track that is as introspective as it is ferocious.

The throbbing vibrations of “My Reality” serve as the flip side to the release, a driving number that hails from the deepest depths of bass music. The hard rolling beat carries the tune, giving it a tough street vibe that will dominate any sound system. With the swirling FX and white noise of the hat section providing a hypnotic consistency, this is a heavy tune that envelopes you completely and refuses to let go.

Out now via Sofa Sounds’ bandcamp, this is a deeply invigorating release you do not want to sleep on!