Glyph & Hystatus – Azumith [Delta 9 Recordings]

Glyph & Hystatus cover art

Glyph & Hystatus cover art

Coming straight from the deepest trenches of the underground, Glyph & Hystatus have crafted four masterpieces of the dark and minimal sound. Released on Delta 9 Recordings, a label that has systematically brought out the best cutting edge DnB for months and is the perfect home for these tracks. Filled to the brim with dense textures and mind-blowing compositions, this release showcases the exciting and constantly shifting landscape of this genre.

“Meridian” starts the release out, with ghostly atmospherics and a hypnotic motif that get carried along by the driving rhythm. Once the drop hits, the music reaches deep inside of you with a subterranean bassline that floors. The throbbing vibrations counterpoint perfectly with the rolling tech melodies that drive the tune, showcasing the fusion of old and new that DnB thrives on.

The ominous mood and earth-shattering bass of “Azimuth” come roaring in next. The ferocious drum section blends with the sci-fi FX that dot the soundscape. The intense click of the hi-hats overwhelms the senses as the song slowly builds, yet never overpowers the subtle composition details. This is one of those hard-edged numbers you can’t get enough and reveals the studio precision both these producers possess.

“Trapped In The Group” takes things in a similar albeit different direction, utilizing a steady groove that creates an addictive feeling that is impossible to shake off. The swirling bassline that surges throughout it takes you to an alternate dimension of pure sound; the techy design of the drums further drives this home and serves to add even more tension to the ebb and flow of the track.

Taking things further into left field for the last one, Glyph and Hystatus deliver “Black Vector.” A weighty tune that explores what is possible with the sub, it employs wave after wave of glitchy FX and blasts of distortion. With a minimalist beat that carries everything along at a metronomic pace, it’s surreal how high speed yet spacious the song is as you get lost in each layer.

Out now on the Delta 9 Recordings’ bandcamp, this is a stunning release you will want to cop immediately!