False Concept – Warning EP [Ekou Recordings]

False Concept cover art

False Concept cover art

After the storm that was 2020, everyone is dead set on making 2021 far different in any and every way possible. Nowhere is this more evident than with Ekou Recordings, a label that has exploded to the forefront with consistently high caliber releases that set the bar for the genre. Refusing to let up, they now drop False Concepts Warning Ep – four tunes that contain mind blowing sound design along with a vast diversity in composition.

“Run” begins with a melancholic atmosphere and vocals which back it up, as gritty FX create massive tension into the drop. The deep sub drives the song forward, using a wobbly low end that fuses with the choppy rhythm to create a track that is as beautiful as it is ferocious. Blending the high energy pace DnB is known for with the moody vibes of dark liquid make it impossible to resist.

Drifting in with ominous atmospherics comes “Warning (Ft. Trafic MC).” The click of the hi-hat creates a slow-moving sensation, as the vocal delivery revs you up with its relentless delivery. This is a groove heavy roller that has layers for days; the crushing pattern of the breaks, the overwhelming nature of the sub, and the growling FX clash and collide which creates the surging sensation that makes it such a killer tune.

Taking things into more experimental territory, “Decline” showcases the savage frenetic onslaught of the minimal side to the genre. The melodic keyboard riffs counterpoint perfectly with the densely layered drums that dominate the number. This song doesn’t let up; from the white noise of the busy hat section to the intense glitchy motif, it overwhelms the sense and leaves you gasping for more.

“Close” is the final number, starting out with bubbling mutant sounding FX and a yearning vocal sample which wind in and out of each other. They feed fluidly into the drop, all of the layers blending together and moving as one. The disparate stylings of the track – the distorted wobbling of the bassline, techy workout of the drums, and soulful tones of the melodic section – create a dynamic interplay that is fascinating to obsess over time and time again.

Out now on the Ekou Recordings Bandcamp, this is a fresh and distinctive set of songs you will want to scoop up ASAP!