Liquid Giraffe – Homeschool [Self-Release]

Liquid Giraffe cover art

Liquid Giraffe cover art

Hailing from Los Angeles, Liquid Giraffe is back with six fresh cuts which take you through a potent journey of bass and beats. As a long time player in the music world, this is a producer who consistently refines and hones his craft in surprising ways. On Homeschool, his talent for creating innovative vibes and expansive atmospheres is absolutely boundless.

“Midterminal” starts the album out, a soothing gem of lo-fi blends and hip-hop flavored beats. The simple repetitive flow keeps the momentum going as you fall deep into a daydream. The glossy sounds of the chords combine with the background vocals to evoke the feeling of a relaxing sunny day, one you wish would never end.

Changing pace comes the frenetic beats of “All Dem Graffiti Guys.” The rolling pulse of the drum section and the repetitive vocal sample create an addictive palette of sound that instantly gets stuck in your head. The jungle of sounds here reveals his penchant for intricate layers that tell a whole story, using each element to its maximum effect.

Exploring and pushing the envelope of bass music is a constant theme throughout the Liquid Giraffe discography; “Heyyy” blends a footwork style of rhythm with ethereal vocals that are a staple of electronic music. Combining them in an unpredictable manner, we get a satisfying track that fills the mind while vibrating the body simultaneously.

In the spirit of discovering new territories, “Domin8” is a mind-bending track filled to the brim with a trippy chopped up vocal sample and gritty basslines to boot. Backing this up is a heavy driving beat, and at its peak it builds up intense levels of tension before sucking you into the second drop. This is a song as infectious as they come, one that will stay with you long after it’s dissipated.

Keeping things rolling comes “Aristarrr.” This is a funky groove filled tune that gets the feet moving, willingly or not. This is a full-on odyssey of his technical prowess: from the clicking cymbals that dot the track, to the bubbly bassline, and even down to the rising melody, this is an evocative track – and getting lost in all the details is a serious pleasure.

Closing out the album is the absolute bliss of “Yo the 1.” With a busy hypnotic beat, Liquid Giraffe draws you into the deepest realms of his musical world. Bringing in his love of jungle style breaks, soulful melodic motifs, dynamic compositions, and hip-hop stylings, it’s a tune no one can resist, and will set any dancefloor ablaze.

Out now via the Liquid Giraffe Bandcamp, this is a must have for any music lover. His ability to pull from the past while keeping an eye on the future is what makes his style fascinating and one you will want to keep an eye on at all times. Cop it ASAP!