Fearful – FKD/XINF [Different Music]

Fearful cover art

Fearful cover art

Different Music has been on the scene for over ten years and has never ceased in bringing out some of the most imaginative and creative tunes in DnB. This label is devoted to exploring the farthest reaches of not just DnB but all bass music. With output from Arkaik, Mauoq, Lakeway, Dexta, and many more, always expect the unexpected as they continually push the boundaries. Their latest release from Fearful, FKD/XINF, delivers another mind-bending journey through two tracks filled with the deepest sub tones and twisting beats.

FKD is a deep minimal monster of a tune: Starting out with ominous atmospherics that effortlessly blend with the surging beat that builds into the drop. The deep vibrations and growl of the bassline drive the track forward with a consistent intense energy, as screaming FX as well as the chatter of the hat section create warbling bringing out the minimalistic beauty of the track.

Fearful is well-known for his challenging and technical productions, with “XINF” delivering that in full force. With a subterranean bass tone that is overwhelmingly deep, and a chattering drum roll that weaves into your brain, it’s a workout in precision that he nails perfectly. This is a tune you will get lost in every time you hear it, as each time you will discover something new.

Out now, these are two fascinating tunes you will want to add to your collection ASAP!