Deviant – Silk Notes [The Chikara Project]

De cover artviant – Silk Notes [The Chikara Project]

Deviant – Silk Notes [The Chikara Project] cover art

Back with four fresh cuts from the deeper side of DnB, Deviant’s newest outing on The Chikara Project is exquisite: filled to the brim with the lowest of subtones, finely tuned snares, and expansive ethereal vibes, each track is addicting as the next and showcases the deft blends of styles routinely seen on the label.

“Silk Notes” starts the release off; a collab with Sam Binary, it sets the stage for the somber yet soulful soundscapes that characterize the release. The energy builds step by step, as the melancholic keyboard motif and the hi hat pattern rise together, joined by the weighty kick and snare. That intensity builds until the drop itself comes in, and the track reveals its full nature. It’s a soothing yet driving track, effortlessly gliding between its dark and light sides.

Coming at us next is the murky yet funky rhythms of “Don’t Ask.” The bassline and the breaks work in perfect synchronicity to give this track its flavor. The sporadic yet consistent nature make it a dream to get lost in, as the mind ponders each layer while the body can’t resist rocking back and forth with the beat.

“Things You Do” is another collab, this time with Mystic State lending support. The song starts off with the bounce of the kick and snare, as the busy hi hats provide intricate support. As the drop hits, the tune launches into hyperdrive – the deep subs and the mind twisting FX perfectly counterpoint the lush atmospheres and soul driven melodies. Deviant and Mystic State prove what a fearsome team they are in the studio here, with every note masterfully designed and executed.

Closing the release out is the hypnotic vibes of “Radiate.” The surging drone of the keyboard motif overtakes the mind instantly, as the drums lay down the addictive groove. A track that revels in minimalism, the low sub tones of the bassline and the driving rhythms of the drum section dominate it. Through that simplicity, it effectively conjures the feeling of seeing beauty in a brand new and unexpected place.

Overall, this is a stellar release. The sound design as well as the composition of each number is absolutely breathtaking. Grab this one immediately from The Chikara Project Bandcamp page!