Various Artists – Raw Cuts Vol. 4 [Vandal Records]



Vandal Records is a fascinating label to behold; outputting the whole gamut of DnB since 2004, it has demonstrated a keen eye towards dancefloor numbers that expand upon the genre in exciting ways. Whether it’s deep soulful liquid, hard hitting rollers, mind melting neuro, or the mutations of halftime, count on them delivering tunes that take you by surprise and turn your mind inside and out.

Launching things from the get-go is Arkoze, Interline, and MC Fokus with the vibrational rolling vibes of “Don’t Hold Back.” The powerful surging pace of the rhythm and the deft lyrical stylings of the MC create a writhing sensation that is impossible to resist. With myriad layers of FX coming at you from every direction, it’s an intense tune that stays true to the title of this release.

Synth Ethics takes things in a weird direction, with slow rising ominous atmospheres and a mutated vocal line. “Bad Attitude” takes pleasure in laying down the kind of minimal vibes that demolish a dancefloor, using a warped distorted bassline to hypnotize the listener as it seeks to control the body like a puppeteer.

Taking things even darker come Black Opps & Dunk with “This Feeling.” A wobbly bassline that meanders every which way dominates the track, working its way deep into your soul. The energetic rhythm of the drum pattern will have anyone stepping to it in a heartbeat, lost in the happy void of the tune.

Technical brings out “Switch,” a tour de force of precisely textured layers with an undercurrent of hypnotic drums. The repetitive crash of the ride creates a swirling sensation, while the clanging of the otherworldly effects reaches far into the psyche. The many motifs which run around the tune are the perfect balance between musicality and experimentality, creating an experience hard to forget.

Objectiv and Haribo team up for “Broken,” a serious banger of a tune that hits all the right buttons. Overwhelmingly heavy subs, growling basslines, a thrashy drum section, and hard-edged lyrics are all combined with the mastery each are renowned for. Each layer draws the listener in time after time, while as a whole it pulses through you like a shockwave and leaves you craving for more.

“No BBQ Sauce” closes out the release, crafted by Brain and Hazey. A stuttering rolling bassline forms the backbone of the track, creating a high energy vibe to die for. As the variations of the bassline make itself known, the metronomic click adds even more energy to the track. It’s a killer mix that is sure to destroy any dancefloor it comes into contact with.

Out now on your favorite platforms, Raw Cuts Vol. 4 is a killer release you’ll want to cop ASAP!!