Ink, Loxy, & Resound – The Eternals EP [I.L.R. Studios]


Ink, Loxy, & Resound “The Eternals” EP cover-art

Three legends of jungle and DnB are back, with a killer four track release that will blow your mind and get your body shaking. Having established themselves with a long career of releases on everything from Metalheadz to Cylon Recordings and even Renegade Hardware, these three have always shown a deep love for pushing the envelope in fascinating ways. On this latest release, The Eternals EP, they continue to demonstrate their production prowess and why they are hailed as such innovative producers.

Kicking things off is “Frequency,” a heavy track that has a grimy bassline pulsing at its center. This is a track that goes full force, refusing to let anything stand in its way. Each element, from the tight snap of the snare to the metronomic click of the hats, are perfectly balanced and give the track its massive sound. The slow crescendo of the track builds slowly yet relentlessly, overpowering the listener with reckless abandon.

“Shodown” maintains the vibe but introduces a more diverse palette: the bouncing rhythm of the basslines reinforce the rolling feel of the drums. Employing a myriad of effects which ebb and flow throughout the track, the tune draws you in more and more as the song progresses. It’s a head bobber that satiates the need for sub bass, while taking the mind to unexplored regions.

Hypnotic warblings start off the title track, The Eternals, before the ferocity of the drums drop in. The fierce jungle of sounds that comprise this track is something these three producers are well known for; even here they find countless ways of calling forth the past while paving the way for the future. It’s a tune that showcases the intricate origins of jungle music and reminds why it has the staying power that it does, as well as its potential to constantly evolve into new forms.

Get ready to be propelled into hyperspace, as the frenetic rhythms of “Zoom” come rushing in. The wild, chaotic sounds of the drums are mind numbing, with a rumbling bassline that not only compliments them but is highly addictive. With echoing FX sprinkled precisely throughout, this is a track you will come back to time and time again to both study and enjoy.

It’s a true testament to both DnB as well as Ink, Loxy, and Resound to see them still going as strong as ever and continuing to raise the bar of production. Cop this one as soon as you can, directly through their Bandcamp page!