FD First Sound EP

FD "First Sound EP" cover art

FD “First Sound EP” cover art

Get ready for another exquisite offering from the master beat smith known as FD. A legend in the world of drum and bass, his prowess in creating rolling beats, lush atmospherics, and thundering basslines is unmatched. Having released everywhere from The North Quarter to Symmetry Recordings and even Sun & Bass, he has cemented his reputation for precision with every tune. He is back for another round with CIA Records, bringing three fresh tunes on his First Sound EP.

Starting things off with his trademark elements peppered with vocal stabs is the title track “First Sound”. A rollicking beat drops in, building up the momentum until the drop hits with the force of a high magnitude earthquake. In no to time flat he gives us the ideal template of a roller, defying expectations with the intense production on it.

For “True North,” he joins with legends Total Science to create a dark and deep banger like no other. Right off the bat, the surging rhythmic interplay between the kick and snare gets you locked in tight. Noisy FX and a vocal sample come together to highlight the dynamics of the drop, and with the song fully underway, the heavy vibe of the song makes it impossible to resist stepping to it. Bringing in ethereal atmospherics during the break is like a breath of fresh air, before diving back in with reckless abandon.

“Timberline” is our last outing on this EP, beginning with a haunting crackling backdrop reinforced by a deep and chaotic drum section. The rumbling bassline in this track is one to die for, containing a hard-rocking rhythm that is so singularly focused you won’t realize you’ve been bobbing your head to it since it started. Never letting up, this is one fierce tune that is destined to decimate any speaker system or dance floor it comes into contact with.

FD demonstrates why he is one of the most sought after and revered producers in the DNB genre, fusing his distinguished sense of melody with hard hitting challenging beats that are out of this world. Head over to CIA records Bandcamp and cop this ASAP!