K!NGS – Hold On [Slime Recordings]

K!NGS "Hold-On" album-cover

K!NGS “Hold-On” album-cover

Delivering another release on Slime Recordings is the versatile talent known as K!NGS. Hold On continues his journey through the realms of UK Garage and House, containing further explorations in bringing other genres into that mix as well. From the lush atmospherics he crafts to the vibrating basslines that hit deep in your soul, it’s another stellar release showcasing this rising talent.

Right from the start, he cements a killer vibe on “Escape.” The bassline and drums instantly have your body pulsing and swaying to the beat, with the soothing vocals giving just the right touch that make the drop simply perfect. It’s a deft touch, wherein the beat goes just hard enough and counterpoints the ethereal effects that float in and out extremely well; thus it illustrates the struggles and desires of the world’s current state as few could.

Further blending the sounds of yesterday and today is the title track, “Hold On.” Reminiscent of melodic techno and house with its glistening atmospherics and longing female vocals, it creates that anthemic feel that captures your attention and hooks you in. It then brings in the more challenging beats of today’s bass music and the kind of bass design that could only exist today. Marrying light and dark elements as he does on this track is a difficult task K!NGS pulls off expertly and encapsulates the difficult fact life has no easy answers.

“Lost” is a foreboding track that hypnotizes you with each and every layer. The echoing motifs twist and morph their way deeper and deeper into your brain; meanwhile, the thunderous bassline carries you along as if you’re on a river of eeriness. As the track hits the break, the tension builds and builds until the massive drop hits like blinding white light, simulating a moment of enlightenment that changes how you see things from now on.

Rounding out the release is “Never Again.” Bringing out an offbeat style of drums and driven by a soulful male vocal, it’s a track that hits deep in your feelings. The bassline further sets the tone of the piece, providing just enough movement yet retaining enough space to reveal its own lush tones. Another standout element of this particular tune is the way it slowly crescendos throughout the piece, creating a subtle rising effect that makes it a wonderful tune to get lost in over and over again.

Out now on all the major platforms, this is one you’ll want to add to your collection ASAP!