Drum and Bass Invades The OC

COSTA MESA SOUND CLASH Dec. 19 at The Wayfarer

COSTA MESA SOUND CLASH Dec. 19 at The Wayfarer

As the OC Drum and Bass scene only continues to grow, another show is coming Dec 19 at the Wayfarer. The Costa Mesa Soundclash features a diverse lineup of local DnB talent: Rankin, What??, Ron 2 3, McNutt, and 2Much on the turntables with support from MC’s New Gent, Onemic, Slim, Werd, and Woes.

“That’s what all those old Reggae and Dub shows were, all those dancehall shows,” explains Ron 2 3 of the show’s name. “All those turntable and huge speakers…People would just come up and put on whatever the newest things were. You know, the MC and whole dancehall vibe of drum and bass originates from this or was inspired by it at least. They would use the term ‘soundclash’ cuz it was like a clash, a battle of sounds.”

The night is sure to be full of surprises for newcomers and old school fans alike. “I try my best to try and take the listener on a journey throughout drum and bass,” says McNutt. “I love the highs and lows that drum and bass can offer. I try and give the listener a rollercoaster type experience.

“There’s really so much to love about it but my favorite thing is the energy you get from a good blend/double. DnB gives you the freedom to create something new by combining two songs. Every now and then a good double can make you feel like you just drank a cup of coffee!”

Drum and bass has been thriving in Orange County for some time now. Shows such as this do occur on a regular basis; a major reason for that is due to the support provided by the organization Upgrade DNB, who has remained steadfast in delivering this music to our local area for many years now. There is also a revival of interest in the genre taking place.

“I’m excited to come out of a long DnB hibernation!” declares Rankin, who has been a DJ for over a decade now.

Each DJ and MC on this bill brings their own unique flow to the table and intertwine those styles together to create a vibe that can’t be experienced anywhere else. The desire for this particular lineup has been percolating for a long time amongst the DJ’s as well. It’s this kind of heart and passion, along with the endless stylistic variations of the music that attracts so many to this form of electronic music.

Get it on the fun and excitement when it hits The Wayfarer Wednesday the 19th!