The Mowgli’s Come Home!

THE MOWGLI'S; press photo

THE MOWGLI’S; press photo

The Mowgli’s stormed The Constellation Room last Sunday, playing to a sold-out crowd, along with support from some of their local friends. A devoted audience was there from start to finish, with plenty of band and audience interactions peppering each band’s set.

First up was The North Morlan group, a laid-back indie band hailing from the city of Orange. Led by the younger brother of Mowgli singer/guitarist Colin Dieden, their songs about love got the crowd rocking and singing along in no time at all.

Elijah Noll took the stage next with his unique brand of soul-tinged alt pop. He was full of nervous energy, it being his first tour and all, and launched into one song after another. Despite admitting the drummer and him had just started playing together, they were a tight duo who demonstrated their ability to communicate through the music. The new track “Poison” got plenty of cheers from the crowd who seemed to already know the lyrics to it.

After this came the infectious sounds of Arms Akimbo. Playing a high energy set full of the catchy melodies people love them for, the audience danced faster with this new pace. And they in turn seemed to get a kind of fuel from this enthusiasm. The group never let up either, perfectly setting the stage for the band that was to follow.

At last, The Mowgli’s stepped up to the plate. The crowd went wild with glee as they launched into their first song, “Bad Dream.” At times, it was impossible to tell who was singing the song; the band, the audience, or both! On tour in support of their new EP I Was Starting To Wonder, their set was comprised of fresh new tunes sprinkled with favorites from their past albums.

THE MOWGLI'S; photo Cortney Armitage

THE MOWGLI’S; photo Cortney Armitage

The inclusive nature of The Mowgli’s music was on full display, as the vibe in the room was as if this was one giant band rather than one performing in front of an audience. The group was even relaxed enough to tell a joke, told by singer Katie Earl, “A peanut was walking down the road and it was assaulted.” While making fun of themselves for such a bad joke, everyone loved it none the less.

Their new song “Real Good Life” received just as warm of a reaction as their more well-known songs as well. When they played “Say It, Just Say It”, the audience exploded into jumping fits while still managing to sing every word along with the band.

Overall, it was a fantastic show showcasing the optimism of the local scene, which The Mowgli’s have been a large influence on. Make sure to scoop up their new release, I Was Starting To Wonder, as well as the music from these up and coming bands.