ALBUM REVIEW: Michael Monroe “The Best”

MICHAEL MONROE "The Best" album cover

MICHAEL MONROE “The Best” album cover

On his latest release The Best (available Jul 7 on Spinefarm Records) Michael Monroe sings, sneers and struts his way through the 29 songs on this excellent double disc collection of his solo output.

Monroe is one of the true believers. One of those artists that worship at the altar of The Stones, The Dolls and The Dead Boys. That guy that always wears black Ray-Bans, a leather biker jacket, and is always the sharpest dressed guy in the room. A troubadour misfit who’s on a mission to help us remember how good rock-n-roll can sound when it’s played with heart and above all with style.

Monroe was lead vocalist with star crossed rockers Hanoi Rocks a band that burned out before they gained much traction (at least here in the USA). But since then Mike Monroe has been putting out album after album of near perfect glam rock ear candy, the best of which has been collected on these two discs.

Opening track “Dead, Jail Or Rock n’ Roll” sets the thematic tone for 30 years of dirty sleazy rock played just the right way. By the right way I mean grinding guitars, catchy hooks and a fuck you attitude…all set to a beat you can dance to.

Michael Monroe

Michael Monroe

Listening to this collection as a whole what really stands out is the high quality of material Monroe has been able to maintain over ten albums and three decades. Honestly, it’s a wonder he hasn’t achieved a higher profile in the States; maybe that’s a good thing.

This music sounds like it was created by an artist who’s still hungry and that gives the music from the first track recorded 30 years ago to the very latest tracks recoded exclusively for this collection an urgency and electricity that many lesser talents lose after so many years in the game. Like I said Monroe is a true believer and his mantra is three chords and a dream.

This is a great Friday night record. Have a few friends over. Have a few shots of tequila (ok have many shots of tequila). It’s going to be a long night of partying and you’ve got 30 years of great rock n’ roll for your soundtrack, what are you waiting for?