ALBUM REVIEW: Nitrogods “Roadkill BBQ”

NITROGODS "Roadkill BBQ" album cover

NITROGODS “Roadkill BBQ” album cover

Nitrogods come roaring out of Germany like the bastard sons of Motorhead, picking up the torch from a fallen Lemmy and running with it to a Valhalla where everything is louder than everything else and bands don’t play any slow songs.

Album opener “Rancid Rock” sets the tone with heavy riffs, jackhammer drumming, guitar solos that shred through Marshall amps cranked to 11 and vocals of the two packs of Marlboro’s and a fifth of Jack Daniels variety. In other words this is the stuff rock-n-roll dreams are made of.

Oh and these guys are plenty funny too! The raucous track “My Loves A Wire Brush” features some blistering slide guitar work and a repeated chant of “Feel my wire brush/my loves a wire brush” which leads one to believe that maybe a little manscaping might not be amiss for this crew? Ouch! Groupies you have been warned!

As you may have guessed, subtlety and nuance are not Nitrogods strong suit but loud, fast, aggressive rock-n-roll is. And they are very, very good at it. If you like it hard and rough, if you miss Lemmy Kilmister or if you find yourself head banging throughout the day for no apparent reason then The Nitrogods are the “made loud to be played loud” band you’ve been looking for.

Pick up their third studio album Roadkill BBQ via Steamhammer / SPV May 26.