ALBUM REVIEW: Mammoth Mammoth “Mount The Mountain”

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH "Mount The Mountain" CD cover art 2017

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH “Mount The Mountain” CD cover art 2017

Mount The Mountain is the unashamedly riff-rocking new release by Australian stoner metal band Mammoth Mammoth. Mix together the grease of Mudhoney, the energy of The MC5 and the strutting sexuality of the Stooges and you have the racing fuel that super charges their excellent new album.

Title track and stoner epic “Mount The Mountain,” starts the ball rolling with a horns up, guitar buzzing, big ass RIFF! By the time the storming chorus kicks in vocalist Mikey Tucker is shouting “Yeah… Well Yeah Alright!” And listening to the sheer bravado of these guys you can’t help but pump your fist in the air and shout along with him that things here are indeed “ALRIGHT!”. Obviously these guys are on a serious mission to rock and are taking no prisoners, if you were waiting to hear some slow dance numbers you might be listening to the wrong album.

What Mammoth Mammoth has in spades, besides an unerring knack for riding a guitar riff like it was a rodeo bull they were stuck fast to with superglue, is the even better trick of knowing how to write a really good song. Now don’t get me wrong, these guys ain’t Mozart…subtle they are not. But what they do very, very well is structure songs that were literally crafted so you can bang your head to them. But they sprinkle a little ear-candy into the mix that burrows into your brain and makes you want to play them again and again.



Mammoth Mammoth has made a record that’s ultimately a celebration of being alive. Because you know… life’s a bitch and then you die, blah blah blah. But what’s great about Mammoth Mammoth is this is the kind of music that invites you to forget that things can sometimes be a grind and get back to what’s really important, you know what I’m talking about…big riffed ROCK MUSIC done right!

This is pure escapism at 100 mph and I like it. Consider this album an invitation to a place where every night is Friday night. Put the record on, turn the volume up real loud, then jump in the ‘69 Camaro with Mammoth Mammoth – tires squealing and smoking on the blacktop as you peel out with them.

Release Date April 28, 2017
Napalm Records