Unpredictable Senses Fail Headline Observatory

Senses Fail

SENSES FAIL play the Observatory Jul 15 and Taste Of Chaos Jul 16; promo photo

Senses Fail, the “make emo great again” band, will be headlining a show at the Observatory July 15 before heading to festival grounds in San Bernardino July 16.

With a year having passed since the release of their album
Pull the Thorns From Your Heart, Senses Fail has been working on new music to release with former members of the band, who are yet to be named, according to original vocalist James “Buddy” Nielsen.

“I kind of wanted to steer back toward something that was more melodic and I started talking to some of the old members and they were just kind of like, ‘Wanna write some songs?'” Nielsen explained. “Seeing what it would be like to write an original Senses Fail record that sounds like 2016. It doesn’t sound exactly like old Senses Fail, but it’s dark and it’s more melodic than what the last record was, but there will be some heavy stuff.”

The upcoming album is a chance to bring back the nostalgia-fueled memories of the pop-punk days for long-time fans while creating a darker sound still fit for new fans.

“It’s not like a normal band where people leave and the doors are closed. It’s hard to explain,” Nielsen said. “It’s like we got a lot of really awesome people who have come through the band and it’s always changed the sound of the band in some respect and I think it’s way more exciting to not know what the next Senses Fail record will sound like rather than being very predictable.”

With such a dynamic sound and an ever growing taste for change, Senses Fail isn’t stopping with one new album, but they are also working on the release of their first acoustic album.

“I thought it’d be a cool way to play next to the last record that was really heavy,” Nielsen said. “An acoustic record would be the opposite of that, and we could show people that we’re still capable and interested in playing different kinds of music.”

As well as new music in the works and a headlining show coming up, Senses Fail is also getting ready to play Rockstar Energy’s festival Taste of Chaos alongside bands such as Taking Back Sunday and Dashboard Confessional. The band isn’t only reaching back to their roots with original members, but also finding themselves back on the festival line-up, a festival they appeared at during it’s creation in 2005.

“Festivals are fun because you’re really going to be playing for the most amount of people you’ll ever play for,” Nielsen said. “It’s also really difficult to walk into a festival and be prepared, unless you’re playing Warped Tour, you walk in and you don’t know where anything is and you’re sort of confused, then you walk on stage, then it’s over.”