Year of the Dragon Brings Their Full Force Sound To Hi-Fi Rockfest


YEAR OF THE DRAGON play Hi-Fi Rockfest Sep. 26

Hitting the stage for the first Hi-Fi Rockfest in Long Beach is Year of the Dragon. The festival will take place at the Queen Mary Sep. 26.

“We’re most excited to be alive and kicking!” lead singer Dirty Walt said. “We are really excited to check out the great lineup with acts like the Dead Kennedys, Naked Raygun, Suicidal Tendencies and of course, Richie Ramone.”

Year of the Dragon made their appearance in the music scene in 2012, which also happened to be a Year of the Dragon. Coincidentally enough, they established their name due to two of the members also being born in a Dragon year.

“We try to keep our music as powerful and aggressive as we can, as a dragon would,” Walt said. “We also want to burn someone’s face off with our music.”

Since starting the band, Year of the Dragon has overcome their fair share of obstacles.

“The biggest obstacle with this band is that we all live in different places so getting together to practice is always a challenge,” Walt explained. “But, we get musically better everyday. We also have really good chemistry, and we have done quite a bit of writing together, so we always look forward to making more music together.”

Being in the music industry isn’t exactly the easiest, but Year of the Dragon has managed to find the motivation to keep them going.

“Seeing the guys in the room, I can feel the talent, inspiration and influence,” drummer Kerim Imes said. “Now is our chance to let all of that out. I’m excited when Walt comes up with something and as a band we do something special with it.”

According to the band, we can expect a lot of energy from their live show. Walt describes the band in three words as “red hot fire” and Kerim as “blunt force karma”. This is exactly what they want you to feel from their performance.

“It’s the legacy of the rock-n-roll business that keeps me going,” Walt said.