Evil Maria Gives LA A Taste Of Dark Indie Pop/Rock

Evil Maria

EVIL MARIA play International Pop Overthrow Festival at Fais Do Do on Jul 31

Local LA Band Evil Maria brings you the dark side of Indie/Pop. With their spellbinding vocals, mesmerizing guitars, synth pop keyboard, solid bass and killer drums, Evil Maria is sure to leave your ears pleased. They are set to hit the stage at Fais Do Do on Jul. 31 for the annual International Pop Overthrow (IPO) Music Festival.

IPO Festival features over 180 of the best pop bands around the world in 16 different cities. Evil Maria’s line-up consist of Evren Göknar (vocals / guitar), Mike Avenaim (drums), Zach Ingram (bass) and Kevin Roberts (keyboard / backing vocals).

Evil Maria stemmed from the solo career of frontman Evren Göknar, who released two solo albums in 1998 and 2000.

“Its easier to get people more interested in what you are doing when you already have an established sound, that’s how I found my band. You start jamming with people and you can create something cool,” Göknar said.

Göknar’s Turkish roots are captured in the Evil Maria sound and reflect in his writing as well. “It’s fun to find yourself writing in more chromatic tones from the Turkish cultures,” he said. “I like to write songs that engage people and paints a picture and adds emotion — for me a lot of that emotion and imagining comes from my culture. A good example is our song “Along the Way,” we translated that into Turkish.”

Evil Maria currently has two music videos in which you can capture their sense of dark humor. Göknar tells us a bit more about how artistic he got with Evil Maria’s Rabbit Run video. “The idea behind Rabbit Run was creating a scenario where the bunny was doing things he normally wouldn’t. He was drinking, he was driving, he wasn’t really present or involved. We have a perception of how we think a bunny should actually act. That all gets taken away. There was a lot of symbolism in it.”

Check out the video here: https://youtu.be/xkJhN8SHAmw