Corrections House Brings Sweet Sounds Of Horror To LA

Corrections House

Corrections House play The Complex Dec. 17

Corrections House released their Last City Zero debut full-length via Neurot Recordings last year. They will be showcasing songs off their first release at The Complex on Dec. 17 in LA.

Last City Zero is the “audio end product of government conspiracies, societal ruin and psychological decay” that was produced by Parker at Electrical Audio, Soma Studios, 60 Psycho Hum and Nodferatu’s Lair. Last City Zero is at once beautifully hideous, graceful and terrifying and continues to raise the brows of exploratory fans and critics globally that travels far beyond the traditional confines of any one specific genre.

The OC Concert Guide had the opportunity to chat with Corrections house about their origin, musical inspirations and upcoming shows.

OCCG: How did you guys decided to call yourselves Corrections House and what’s the meaning behind it?
CH: It happens that the so-called “Houses of Correction” in this country are facilities that we have all spent some time in. Some of us more then others, and some of us more recently. It doesn’t really matter does it?

OCCG: You recently put the finishing touches on your forthcoming new full- length. What do you want your fans to gain out of it?
CH: It’s wholly up to them to gather their own sense and perspective from what we do. We certainly don’t claim to guide them on their journey. It’s always in the hands of the King. And everyone is their own King, or Queen for that matter.

OCCG: Last year you released you Last City Zero full-length debut. How is it different from the one coming out next year?
CH: Time has passed. We have survived. We have grown or we have shrunken our vision. Time tends to bring like minds such as ours closer in many ways. For us it’s almost solely artistic. But nonetheless the time has shown the difference in the cohesion of the sound. This record envelops the previous one in its black wings and sucks the life straight from it’s jugular.

OCCG: How did you pick your genre style and what inspires your music?
CH: WE didn’t pick anything, IT chose us. And IT is what inspires us.

OCCG: What was it like being a part of the Housecore Horror Film Festival?
CH: It was an honorable event that met with a tragic loss in the end. We would love to have the opportunity to play with more bands such as these. The people treated us very respectfully. It was my first time out in the general population for about 18 months. It was very hot.

OCCG: What’s your most and least favorite about touring?
CH: I do not tour with the band. I used to tour back in the early 80’s and I hated the constant contact with filth and the lack of any place to be without police hassling you. I can’t think of anything that I liked about it.

OCCG: What are you most looking forward to your show at The Complex
on Dec. 17 in LA?
CH: Leaving the L.A. area.

OCCG: What is your ultimate purpose as artists?
CH: We are external hostile vibrations honing in on any heat source to be the receiver of our unwanted attention.

OCCG: What’s a fun fact about Corrections House people don’t know yet?
CH: I’m facing aggravated assault charges for a situation that developed with an uninvited guest IN MY OWN HOME! I spent 3 months trying to get the situation sorted out properly and eventually was picked up in Arizona where they promptly threw in a Mental Hospital for 90 days.